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APRIL 19, 2021    |    3 MINUTE READ


Most of us have a love/hate relationship with this word. Some change can be amazing! However, even when the change is good, it is often hard and usually adds a level of discomfort.

Earlier this week, I was working in the new location for The Sparrow’s Nest, a clothes and food pantry here in McAllen, Texas, and my kids were with me since they didn’t have school. Hadasa insisted she wanted to go “see The Sparrow’s Nest.”

I kept telling her, “This is it. We moved it!”

Two women wearing masks hang clothes in a store

Missionaries Christina McBride and Nicole Sommers help The Sparrow’s Nest settle into its new home.

I could see her little brain whirling with the information I was telling her. I also quickly realized she was NOT accepting it. You see, her baby and toddler years were spent in the field office or The Sparrow’s Nest with me. Where I would go, she would tag along.

Since returning to Texas after being gone for twelve months on Homeland Ministry Assignment, Hadasa has begged several times to “go to the office” or “go to The Sparrow’s Nest” with me. I’m sure in her memories, these are familiar places from before where she feels secure and where life feels normal.

Over the last six months, she has had so many changes—going to school (and not Taylor Christian School, with which she was familiar!); having her missionary kid friends away at college; no nursery at church; and even role changes for Gerson and me serving on the field!

I think my daughter just wanted SOMETHING to stay the same.

I stopped what I was doing, held out my hand and asked her, “Would you like to go see the old Sparrow’s Nest?”

She nodded, grabbed my hand, and we headed down the sidewalk together.

An empty room

The old Sparrow’s Nest location looks different now.

When we reached the old Sparrow’s Nest, I opened the door and turned on the light. The room was empty except for a few tables and some bags of donations. It was obvious this was not what she had expected to find.

I gently asked her, “It doesn’t look the same, does it?"

Her shoulders slumped, her head went down, her bottom lip trembled, and she shook her head.

(Boy, could I relate with my daughter in that moment!)

I’m so thankful the Holy Spirit guided me on what to do next.

“Change is hard, isn’t it?” I gently asked her. She nodded.

“I know, sweetie. Mommy doesn’t always like change either.”

I picked her up in my arms so we could be eye to eye. Then I asked her, “Even when everything around us changes, WHO remains the same?”

She looked into my eyes and said, “GOD.”

Oh! How my heart leaped with joy! Yes, baby girl! You nailed it!

Then we began to list the unchanging characteristics of God out loud to one another.

He’s our Healer.
…our Fortress.
…our Deliverer.
…our Savior.
…our Father.
…our Helper.
…our Hope. 
…our Redeemer.
…our Creator
(And the list could go on…and on…and on!)

As we listed WHO God is and were reminded that HE NEVER CHANGES, my little girl’s countenance completely changed! Her head was no longer hanging down and her face was no longer downcast. In fact, she wiggled to get out of my arms, and she skipped away!

What a beautiful moment!

Friends, in an ever-changing world, we have a GOD who is steadfast, who never changes, who is the same—yesterday, today, and forever!

When you are overwhelmed by the changes in this country, the world, your life, your neighborhood, your school, your family…cling to the One who remains our constant. When we turn our eyes upon HIM, our countenance will change and maybe, just maybe, we’ll feel like skipping again.

A wooden sign that says The Sparrows Nest in both Spanish and English

The Sparrow's Nest sign


PRAY: We’re all dealing with change right now, so it’s inevitable that you are, too, in some capacity. List out some of your favorite qualities of God with your loved ones, then praise Him together. Pray for others struggling with change, that their hearts would find comfort in the Lord’s goodness, as well.

GO: Think of someone having a hard time facing changes in this season of life. What is a tangible way you can help them through that process? Can you offer a listening ear? Surprise them with a thoughtful gift? Share some of your favorite Scriptures that help you through change? Show up in a meaningful way for someone and see how God works through you.

Author Bio: Betsy and Gerson Tejeda have been serving on the Texas/Mexico Border since 2010. They are involved in sports ministries and discipleship, among other outreach programs.

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