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World Gospel Mission

November 2019 Prayer Calendar

Your prayers will touch every missionary, missionary kid, retiree, support staff member, and more! We'll post a new list of names each month with a link to a print friendly version, and you can also request a copy of the entire year. Thank you for partnering in the Great Commission through your prayers.

MissionaryJoy Phillips, Regional Director, Asia, Europe, and Oceania
Board Member—Mr. David Curtis (Oregon)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Luke Roberts (2002), Kenya, Ben/Jennifer Roberts


MissionariesLen and Betsy Phillips, Education, Albania
Support Staff—Kim Davis
MK/Support Staff Kid—Isaac Roberts (2004), Kenya, Ben/Jennifer Roberts


MissionaryBarbara Pinkley, Education and Medical, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Bill Degenkolb
MK/Support Staff Kid—Nathanael Roberts (2006), Kenya, Ben/Jennifer Roberts


MissionariesSeth and Veronica Porter, Discipleship and Vocational Skills Training, Papua New Guinea
Support Staff Retirees—Dale and Glenna Dorothy
MK/Support Staff Kid—Sophear Romdenh (2014), Cambodia, Titus/Jewel Romdenh


MissionaryLaurie Potter, Church Ministries, Honduras
Board Member—Mr. Richard Dykhouse (Fairfield, CT)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Chamnab Romdenh (2016), Cambodia, Titus/Jewel Romdenh


Retiree—Priscilla Probst, Japan
Support Staff Retiree—Pat Endsley
MK/Support Staff Kid—Emily Rózsa (2009), Hungary, Viktor/Kristen Rózsa


MissionariesPhilip and Debbie Renfroe, Support Ministries, North America
Board Member—Rev. Dave Engbrecht (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Gabriella Rózsa (2012), Hungary, Viktor/Kristen Rózsa


MissionaryDeeAnn Rich, Finances and Discipleship, Honduras
Support Staff—Sarah Fansler
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lillian Rózsa (2013), Hungary, Viktor/Kristen Rózsa


MissionariesJim and Martha Ritchie, Medical and Community Ministries, Kenya
Support Staff—Bebe Gergely
MK/Support Staff Kid—Susana Schmidt (2003), Bolivia, Nathan/Amy Schmidt


MissionariesBen and Jenny Roberts, Medical, Kenya
Board Member—Mr. Gary Gilmore (New Jersey)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Abigail Schmidt (2008), Bolivia, Nathan/Amy Schmidt


MissionariesTitus and Jewel Romdenh, Evangelism and Discipleship, Cambodia
Support Staff—Jared Gleason
MK/Support Staff Kid—Natalia Schmidt (2010), Bolivia, Nathan/Amy Schmidt


MissionariesViktor and Kristen Rózsa, Discipleship and Education, Hungary
Support Staff—Natasha Grimmett
MK/Support Staff Kid—Gabriel Searl (2015), Uganda, Brady/Alicia Searl


MissionariesNathan and Amy Schmidt, Church and Field Leadership, Bolivia
Support Staff Retirees—Hubert and Sarah Harriman
MK/Support Staff Kid—Abigail Searls (1998), USA, Dan/Katy Beth Searls


Retiree—Ann Seaney, Bolivia and Peru
Support Staff—Shannon Hawk
MK/Support Staff Kid—Luke Sleeth (2019), Kenya, Clark/Valerie Sleeth


MissionariesBrady and Alicia Searl, Discipleship and Counseling, Uganda
Support Staff Retiree—Ruth Hayes
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hannah Sleeth (2016), Kenya, Clark/Valerie Sleeth


MissionariesDan and Katy Beth Searls, Special Assignment
Support Staff Retirees—Tom and Ella Mae Hermiz
MK/Support Staff Kid—Max Spetnagel (2013), Honduras, Tim/Aleyda Spetnagel


MissionaryFaith Shingledecker, Medical and Discipleship, Kenya
Support Staff Retirees—Don and Norene Hohensee
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucas Spetnagel (2016), Honduras, Tim/Aleyda Spetnagel


MissionaryLaura Lea Sims, Church and Education, American Indian Field
Support Staff Retiree—Bonnie Hudson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Timothy Spetnagel (2017), Honduras, Tim/Aleyda Spetnagel


MissionariesClark and Valerie Sleeth, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Jim Imler
MK/Support Staff Kid—Joel Spriegel (1998), Calvin College, Kenya, John/Linda Spriegel


MissionariesSteve and Kelly Solheim, Evangelism and Discipleship, Honduras
Support Staff—Amy Jarrett
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jayden Tejeda (2008), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Gerson/Betsy Tejeda

MissionariesNathanael and Nicole Sommers, Sports and Recreation, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Support Staff—Aaron Johnson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Edson Tejeda (2011), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Gerson/Betsy Tejeda


Missionary—Pray for workers in the Middle East
Support Staff—Sheila Johnson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hadasa Tejeda (2016), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Gerson/Betsy Tejeda


MissionariesTim and Aleyda Spetnagel, Community Health and Development, Honduras
Support Staff Retirees—Eldred and Luanne Kelley
MK/Support Staff Kid—Ariana Vaca (2000), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Jorge/Laura Vaca


MissionariesJohn and Linda Spriegel, Evangelism and Medical, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Darrel Laman
MK/Support Staff Kid—Ariela Vaca (2002), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Jorge/Laura Vaca


MissionariesJeff and Christine Stanfield, Discipleship and Field Leadership, Special Assignment
Board Member—Lori Wright
MK/Support Staff Kid—Alexis Vega (2001), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


MissionariesJon and Vera Steury, Regional Directors, Africa
Board Member—Rev. Dr. Robert Lang’at (Kenya)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Diego Vega (2003), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


MissionariesDavid and Cathlene Strong, Church and Field Leadership, Peru
Support Staff—Ashlyn Luttrell
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucas Vega (2005), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


Retiree—Wilma (Trinidad) Salazar, Mexico
Support Staff Retiree—Anna Verne Lee
MK/Support Staff Kid—Joshua Vega (2007), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


Retirees—Paul and Pat Shingledecker, Haiti
Support Staff Retirees—Stan and Carolyn Lewis
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jonathan Vega (2010), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


Retirees—Ernie and Anna Smith, Ukraine
Support Staff—Brent Lindvall
MK/Support Staff Kid—Ellie Waggoner (2005), Albania, Nathan/Cydil Waggoner