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World Gospel Mission

June 2019 Prayer Calendar

Your prayers will touch every missionary, missionary kid, retiree, support staff member, and more! We'll post a new list of names each month with a link to a print friendly version, and you can also request a copy of the entire year. Thank you for partnering in the Great Commission through your prayers.

MissionariesJeff and Christine Stanfield, Discipleship and Field Leadership, Special Assignment
Support Staff—Shelly McCollum
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jayden Tejeda (2008), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Gerson/Betsy Tejeda


MissionariesJon and Vera Steury, Regional Directors, Africa
Support Staff—Marlene McGrady
MK/Support Staff Kid—Edson Tejeda (2011), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Gerson/Betsy Tejeda


MissionariesDavid and Cathlene Strong, Church and Field Leadership, Peru
Support Staff—Ned McGrady
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hadasa Tejeda (2016), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Gerson/Betsy Tejeda


Retiree—Wilma (Trinidad) Salazar, Mexico
Support Staff—Micah Metz
MK/Support Staff Kid—Ariana Vaca (2000), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Jorge/Laura Vaca


Retirees—Paul and Pat Shingledecker, Haiti
Support Staff Retiree—Peggy Miller
MK/Support Staff Kid—Ariela Vaca (2002), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Jorge/Laura Vaca


Retirees—Ernie and Anna Smith, Ukraine
Support Staff—Edgar Molina
MK/Support Staff Kid—Alexis Vega (2001), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


Retirees—Sue Steury, Dean and Leta Strong; Kenya
Support Staff—Mark Moore
MK/Support Staff Kid—Diego Vega (2003), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


Retirees—Paul Steward, Charles and Keet Winters; Bolivia
Support Staff—Twila Moore
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucas Vega (2005), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


Retirees—Ron and Margaret Storey, United Kingdom
Board Member—Dr. Bruce Moyer (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Joshua Vega (2007), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega


MissionariesGerson and Betsy Tejeda, Field Leadership and Sports Ministries, Texas/Mexico Border
Support Staff—Laura Needler
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jonathan Vega (2010), Peru, Jesus/Kristen Vega

MissionariesDaniel and Cindy Tolan, Medical and University Student Outreach, North America
Support Staff—Connor Owen
MK/Support Staff Kid—Ellie Waggoner (2005), Albania, Nathan/Cydil Waggoner


Retirees—Betsy Tarr, Carol Wonch; Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Student Cabinet—Ohio Christian University (Ohio)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Reni Waggoner (2009), Albania, Nathan/Cydil Waggoner


Retiree—Ruth Tipton, Papua New Guinea
Board Member—Mr. Bobby Peed (Georgia)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Abigail Waugh (2007), Papua New Guinea, Shawn/Bethany Waugh


Retirees—Carol Trachsel, Kenya
Board Member—Rev. Jorge Pinto (Honduras)
MK/Support Staff Kid—James Waugh (2009), Papua New Guinea, Shawn/Bethany Waugh


Retirees—Robert and Marge Trenbeath, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Joe Rasbaugh
MK/Support Staff Kid—Josiah Waugh (2012), Papua New Guinea, Shawn/Bethany Waugh


MissionariesJorge and Laura Vaca, Education, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Support Staff—Chuck Renbarger
MK/Support Staff Kid—James White (1999), Kenya, Russ/Beth White


MissionaryRetirees—Jim and Alice Vanderhoof, Kenya
Support Staff—Tim Rickel
MK/Support Staff Kid—Anna White (2004), Kenya, Russ/Beth White


MissionariesJesus and Kristen Vega, Church Ministries, Peru
Support Staff—John Rinehimer
MK/Support Staff Kid—Micah Williams (2003), Uganda, Justin/Debby Williams


MissionaryKenneth and Carolyn Wade, Evangelism and Health Education, Kenya
Board Member—Mr. Richard Dykhouse (Fairfield, CT)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Alexandria Williams (2006), Uganda, Justin/Debby Williams


MissionariesNathan and Cydil Waggoner, Church Ministries, Albania
Support Staff—Dan Schafer
MK/Support Staff Kid—Levi Williams (2008), Uganda, Justin/Debby Williams

MissionariesShawn and Bethany Waugh, Pastoral Training and Finances, Papua New Guinea
Support Staff—Pat Sebree
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucas Zimmerman (2000), LeTourneau University, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Kurt/Cynthia Zimmerman


MissionariesBrad and Kristy Weinert, Church and University Student Outreach, Argentina
Support Staff—Debbie Shephard
MK/Support Staff Kid—Joshua Zimmerman (2002), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Kurt/Cynthia Zimmerman


MissionariesRuss and Beth White, Medical and Discipleship, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Nancy Shuman
MK/Support Staff Kid—Pray for missionary kids in sensitive areas.


MissionariesJustin and Debby Williams, Education and Refugee Outreach, Uganda
Board Member—Mrs. Jennifer Siebenthaler (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Carson Abrams (2004), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams


Retiree—Joyce Ward, Honduras
Support Staff—Jim Smith
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jackson Abrams (2006), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams


Retirees—Robert and Dora Wesche, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Helen Stanley
MK/Support Staff Kid—Shayla Abrams (2009), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams


Retirees—Nevin and Sherri Williams, American Indian Field
Support Staff Retiree—Cathy Suddarth
MK/Support Staff Kid—Aubrey Abrams (2011), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams 


Missionaries—Kurt and Cynthia Zimmerman, Education, Bolivia
Support Staff Retiree—Leona Taves
MK/Support Staff Kid—Andrew Arnott (2004), American Indian Field, Darin/Laura Arnott


MissionaryKevin Zirkle, WGM Leadership, North America
Board Member—Rev. Michael Tipton (Ohio)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Josh Ballard (2004), Support Staff, James/Rachel Ballard


Retirees—Becky Zirkle, Japan
Support Staff—Fay Turnbull
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hannah Birkey (2015), American Indian Field, Jon and Lindsay Birkey