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World Gospel Mission

April 2019 Prayer Calendar

Your prayers will touch every missionary, missionary kid, retiree, support staff member, and more! We'll post a new list of names each month with a link to a print friendly version, and you can also request a copy of the entire year. Thank you for partnering in the Great Commission through your prayers.

MissionariesBrian and Paula Kushman, Church Ministries and Theological Education, Hispanic Ministries USA
Board Member—Mrs. Cheryl Weimer (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Tianna Kunkle (2001), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, John/Priscilla Kunkle


Retiree—Karen Kornmiller,  American Indian Field
Support Staff Retiree—Kay Young
MK/Support Staff Kid—Anthony Kunkle (2005), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, John/Priscilla Kunkle


RetireesJoe and Ellen Kunkle, American Indian Field
Support StaffTommy Anderson
MK/Support Staff KidJosiah Kushman (2013), Hispanic Ministries USA, Brian/Paula Kushman


MissionariesJason and Annette Kyle, Compassionate Ministries, Uganda
Support Staff Retiree—Sherry Andes
MK/Support Staff KidEvie Kyle (1999), Uganda, Jason/Annette Kyle


MissionariesRick and Lori Lampen, Compassionate Ministries, Bolivia
Student Cabinet—Asbury University (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff KidSebastian Kyle (2002), Uganda, Jason/Annette Kyle


MissionaryKrista Landaas, Children and Youth and Music, American Indian Field
Support StaffSherry Atkinson
MK/Support Staff KidLiam Kyle (2006), Uganda, Jason/Annette Kyle


MissionariesMark and Eszti Landerholm, Compassionate Ministries and Discipleship, Hungary
Support Staff—James Ballard
MK/Support Staff KidMax Kyle (2010), Uganda, Jason/Annette Kyle


MissionariesGreg and Teresa Leeth, Pastors to Missionaries, North America
Board Member—Ms. Jeannie Banter (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff KidSamuel Landerholm (2014), Hungary, Mark/Eszti Landerholm


MissionaryLisette Lewis, Community Health Empowerment and Education, Uganda
Support Staff RetireesRichard and Barbara Barker
MK/Support Staff KidNathan Landerholm (2017), Hungary, Mark/Eszti Landerholm


Retirees—Beverly Lewis, LeRoy Lindahl; Bolivia
Support Staff Retiree—Ruthie Bassett
MK/Support Staff KidWilliam Manchester (2001), Kenya, Stephen/Theresa Manchester

RetireeMary Ann Lewis, Uganda
Support StaffMaKayla Barrantes
MK/Support Staff KidEvelyn Many (2004), Kenya, Heath/Angela Many


Retirees—Marion Lewton, Ellen Pfirman; Kenya
Support Staff RetireeJoyce Benbow
MK/Support Staff KidMary Taylor Many (2007), Kenya, Heath/Angela Many


MissionariesSteve and Theresa Manchester, Medical and Hospice Care, Kenya
Support Staff—Cheryl Bishir
MK/Support Staff KidSarah Margaron (2002), The Center (California), Bob/Lisa Margaron


MissionariesHeath and Angela Many, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff—Allie Black
MK/Support Staff KidEthan Mayo (1999), Asbury University, Uganda, Jonathan/Lisa Mayo


MissionariesBob and Lisa Margaron, Children and Youth and Field Leadership, The Center (California)
Support Staff—Kim Black
MK/Support Staff KidEliza McMunn (2017), Czech Republic, Kirby/Whitney McMunn


MissionariesJonathan and Lisa Mayo, University Discipleship and Education, Uganda
Support StaffAnita Bosworth
MK/Support Staff KidGrayson Metz (2016), Support Staff, Micah/Maggie Metz


MissionaryChristina McBride, Children and Youth and Education, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Support Staff Retiree—Bill Bucher
MK/Support Staff KidMaylin Metz (2018), Support Staff, Micah/Maggie Metz


MissionaryAmanda McCoy, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff—Kim Burke
MK/Support Staff KidMaddix Metz (2005), Uganda, Nathan/Jade Metz


MissionaryDebbie McKelvey, Adult and Family Ministries, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Support Staff Retiree—Bob Bushong
MK/Support Staff KidSophie Metz (2007), Uganda, Nathan/Jade Metz



MissionariesKirby and Whitney McMunn, Church Ministries and Evangelism, Czech Republic
Support Staff Retiree—Burnis Bushong
MK/Support Staff KidEzra Metz (2008), Uganda, Nathan/Jade Metz

RetireeLigia Mejia, Argentina
Support Staff Retiree—Peggy Bushong
MK/Support Staff KidRuby Metz (2012), Uganda, Nathan/Jade Metz


MissionariesNathan and Jade Metz, Pastoral Training and Compassionate Ministries, Uganda
Support StaffDeb Carter
MK/Support Staff KidHezekiah Molina (2016), Support Staff, Edgar/Jessica Molina


MissionariesRobyn Moore, Orphan Care and Medical, Kenya
Board Member—Dr. Doug Carter (Georgia)
MK/Support Staff KidNathaniel Molina (2018), Support Staff, Edgar/Jessica Molina


MissionariesZach and Esther Motts, University and Youth Ministries, Japan
Support Staff RetireesNoritta Carter
MK/Support Staff KidZoe Motts (2010), Japan, Zach/Esther Motts


MissionaryHolly Muehleisen, Church and English Training, Japan
Support Staff Retiree—Janet Colyer
MK/Support Staff KidDanielle Newman (1998), North America, Jim/Mary Newman


MissionariesJohn and Beth Muehleisen, Leadership Development and Finances, Uganda
Board Member—Rev. James Coulston (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff KidBaty Newman (2006), Kenya, Troy/Farrah Newman


Retirees—Leslie Madsen, Sue Martin; Haitian American Ministries
Support Staff—Lee Crist
MK/Support Staff KidLynlee Newman (2015), Kenya, Troy/Farrah Newman 


Retirees—Frank and Sharon Martin, North America
Support StaffPaula Crist
MK/Support Staff KidNicholas Newman (2011), Kenya, Troy/Farrah Newman


Retirees—Larry and Joy McPherson, Uganda
Support Staff RetireeTheatta Culbertson
MK/Support Staff KidWill Newman (2008), Kenya, Troy/Farrah Newman


Retirees—Richard and Betty Morse, Kenya
Board Member—Mr. David Curtis (Oregon)
MK/Support Staff KidElla Olsen (2009), USA, Pete/Angela Olsen