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World Gospel Mission

January 2019 Prayer Calendar

Your prayers will touch every missionary, missionary kid, retiree, support staff member, and more! We'll post a new list of names each month with a link to a print friendly version, and you can also request a copy of the entire year. Thank you for partnering in the Great Commission through your prayers.


MissionariesAndy and Stephanie Abrams, Farming God’s Way, Kenya
Support Staff—Tommy Anderson 
MK/Support Staff Kid—Carson Abrams (2004), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams



MissionariesBill and Lydia Allshouse, Field Leadership and Finances, Mexico
Support Staff Retiree—Sherry Andes
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jackson Abrams (2006), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams



MissionariesRandy and Chris Amberman, Children and Youth, American Indian Field
Student Cabinet—Asbury University (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Shayla Abrams (2009), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams



MissionariesLeRoy and Sandy Anderson, Field Leadership, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Sherry Atkinson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Aubrey Abrams (2011), Kenya, Andy/Stephanie Abrams



MissionariesDarin and Laura Arnott, Evangelism and Discipleship, American Indian Field
Support Staff—James Ballard
MK/Support Staff Kid—Andrew Arnott (2004), American Indian Field, Darin/Laura Arnott



Retirees—Grace Anderson, Derrell and Ruth Hyde; American Indian Field
Board Member—Ms. Jeannie Banter (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Josh Ballard (2004), Support Staff, James/Rachel Ballard



Missionaries—Pray for missionaries serving with Africa Gospel Church.
Support Staff Retirees—Richard and Barbara Barker
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hannah Birkey (2015), American Indian Field, Jon and Lindsay Birkey



MissionaryMike Banks, Missionary Kid Ministries, North America
Support Staff Retiree—Ruthie Bassett
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lily Birkey (2018), American Indian Field, Jon and Lindsay Birkey



MissionaryEmily Barlow, Education, Bolivia
Support Staff—MaKayla Barrantes
MK/Support Staff Kid—Isaiah Black (2006), Support Staff, Tim/Kim Black



MissionariesEthan and Ashley Batschelet, Counseling and Education, Honduras
Support Staff Retiree—Joyce Benbow
MK/Support Staff Kid—Adalena Black (2007), Support Staff, Tim/Kim Black


MissionaryClaudia Blanton, Discipleship, American Indian Field 
Support Staff—Cheryl Bishir 
MK/Support Staff Kid—Olivia Black (2010), Support Staff, Tim/Kim Black



MissionaryJennifer Bennett, Orphan Care and Medical, Kenya
Support Staff—Allie Black
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucas Bowen (2005), Paraguay, Andy/Lizet Bowen



MissionariesJon and Lindsay Birkey, Bible Camps, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Kim Black
MK/Support Staff Kid—Timothy Bowen (2006), Paraguay, Andy/Lizet Bowen



MissionariesAndy and Lizet Bowen, Education and Field Leadership, Paraguay
Support Staff—Anita Bosworth
MK/Support Staff Kid—Joseph Bowen (2011), Paraguay, Andy/Lizet Bowen



MissionariesBill and Oksana Brower, Children and Youth, Ukraine
Support Staff Retiree—Bill Bucher
MK/Support Staff Kid—Denis Brower (2005), Ukraine, Bill/Oksana Brower



MissionariesMichael and Donna Brown, Compassionate Ministries and Education, Bolivia
Support Staff—Kim Burke
MK/Support Staff Kid—Eva Brown (1998), Calvin College, Bolivia, Mike/Donna Brown



MissionaryHeidi Buell, Finances and Stewardship Training, Honduras
Support Staff—Bob Bushong
MK/Support Staff Kid—Emily Burke (2005), Support Staff, Sandy/Kim Burke



Retirees—Hal and Ruthan Burchel, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Burnis Bushong
MK/Support Staff Kid—Liam Copeland (2007), Kenya, Will/Alisa Copeland



MissionaryWeadette Burge, Church Ministries and Finances, Paraguay
Support Staff—Peggy Bushong
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hayden Copeland (2009), Kenya, Will/Alisa Copeland



MissionariesSteve and Alene Burgert, Medical and Field Leadership, Kenya
Support Staff—Deb Carter
MK/Support Staff Kid—Harper Copeland (2011), Kenya, Will/Alisa Copeland



MissionaryNancy Butler, Children and Youth, American Indian Field
Board Member—Dr. Doug Carter (Georgia)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Charley Copeland (2012), Kenya, Will/Alisa Copeland


Retirees—Harvey and Cookie Bennett, Treasure Berens; Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Support Staff Retiree—Noritta Carter
MK/Support Staff Kid—Nora Copeland (2015), Kenya, Will/Alisa Copeland



Retirees—Dennis and Dolly Bowerman, American Indian Field
Support Staff Retiree—Janet Colyer
MK/Support Staff Kid—Emery Copeland (2017), Kenya, Will/Alisa Copeland



MissionaryAngela Caffrey, Medical, Kenya
Board Member—Rev. James Coulston (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Elsie Jayne Coppedge (2007), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge



MissionariesJoe and Corinna Cavanaugh, Discipleship, Mexico
Support Staff—Lee Crist
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucy Mae Coppedge (2009), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge



MissionariesSteve and Debbie Cartwright, Evangelism and Discipleship, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Paula Crist
MK/Support Staff Kid—Sophie Coppedge (2011), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge



MissionaryShelley Chapman, Education, Africa
Support Staff Retiree—Theatta Culbertson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Chloe Coppedge (2011), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge



MissionaryAndrea Cooper, Education, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Board Member—Mr. David Curtis (Oregon)
MK/Support Staff Kid—William Coppedge (2015), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge



MissionariesWill and Alisa Copeland, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff—Kim Davis
MK/Support Staff Kid—Elizabeth Crognale (2001), Kenya, Dino/Janice Crognale



MissionariesBilly and Joanna Coppedge, Education, United Kingdom
Support Staff Retiree—Bill Degenkolb
MK/Support Staff Kid—Isabella Crognale (2005), Kenya, Dino/Janice Crognale



MissionariesDean and Cheryl Cowles, Leadership Training and Medical, Kenya
Support Staff Retirees—Dale and Glenna Dorothy
MK/Support Staff Kid—Benjamin Crognale (2010), Kenya, Dino/Janice Crognale