The Sparrow's Nest on the Texas/Mexico Border

Families in McAllen, Texas, often have six or more children, making it difficult for the parents to provide for the entire family on a low income. To help ease these families’ struggles, The Sparrow’s Nest collects gently used clothing and non-perishable foods to distribute  at a very low cost. This offshoot ministry of Taylor Community Center is creating connections between WGM missionaries and the families and building up the community with Jesus’ love.

The Sparrow’s Nest closet and food pantry began when missionary Betsy Tejeda helped unload a truck full of clothes sent from a clothing drive in Mississippi. She and her husband, Gerson, asked some of the neighborhood families for help in exchange for some of the clothing. Betsy and Gerson did not expect the transaction to bless the families so greatly. Inspired by the families’ reactions and gratitude, Betsy wanted to find out if they could help other families and continue this kind of outreach. The Tejedas started The Sparrow’s Nest shortly thereafter. 


Clothing and food are donated by local churches and community members. Each week, WGM missionaries in McAllen sort through the donations and collect essentials. The closet and pantry are open to the community once a week and on one Saturday a month. Both clothing and food are sold by the bag for 50 cents.

Betsy wanted to name the closet and pantry so they would directly show Jesus’ love. As she prayed about a name, God brought to her mind Matthew 6 and His promise of caring for us much more than the birds of the air, whom He provides for in every way. 

The name has been very meaningful for the families who benefit from The Sparrow’s Nest. On one occasion, Betsy explained the name to two women from a local shelter, telling them that God loved them and was providing for them. She gave them each a Spanish Bible. One of the ladies demanded to see Matthew 6 and asked, through tears, if God would be mad if she underlined the passage. Betsy gave her a pen and assured her that it would be all right. “I don’t want to ever forget this,” the woman told her.


PrayPRAY: As the missionaries reach the hurting families, pray that God will give them wisdom to know how to best meet the people’s needs. Pray that strong relationships will form that will minister to the families and point them toward God.

GiveGIVE: The Sparrow’s Nest needs financial donations to purchase new clothing essentials, such as socks, shoes, and underwear. Give securely online or make checks payable to World Gospel Mission and write account #150-21582 on the memo line. Send check donations to:

World Gospel Mission
P.O. Box 948
Marion, IN 46952-0948

GoGO: Do you feel called to go to McAllen, Texas, and work with Taylor Community Center and The Sparrow’s Nest? Find out what ministry opportunities are available here.  

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