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Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change


Due to the sensitive area these global workers are serving in, we are using the pseudonyms of Doug and Grace Miller in order to protect their identities.

Doug and Grace Miller knew the need. In 2016, several former students from the Center for Cross-cultural Ministry in Latin America reached out to them, asking for more support in their work around the world. So Doug and Grace faithfully prayed for God to provide the right person to fill this need. Then they returned to their ministry of training and mobilizing global workers from Latin America to locations across the world, as they had been doing for the past nine years. But God answered their prayer for the right person in a surprising way. He moved them to step out in faith to set up a system to find people to replace them in directing the training ministry. This freed them to go and be the help within reach their former students needed.

Latin America had become familiar to the Millers. After moving there in 1985, it gradually became a home to them. They built community and learned how to fulfill the roles God had called them to in the local church. In 2003, they returned to the United States to serve at WGM headquarters, but in 2009, they returned once more to Latin America, this time to take part in training global workers. The Millers had new roles, but the culture was still familiar. Leaving this culture was not the most appealing option, but Doug and Grace were convinced it was God’s will. And so, in obedience to the Lord, they stepped out into uncharted territory in February 2018 to pursue supporting Latin American workers serving around the world.

In the past thirty years, Doug and Grace have had the opportunity to impact many other Latin American Global Workers (LAGWs). They’ve also been able to witness the way God uses these workers to then go and impact the world. For some LAGWs, that means partnering with a church where seven different languages are spoken. For others, it means using something as common as soccer to develop relationships with local residents. Whatever the method, these LAGWs have shown a great eagerness to serve the Lord in places such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East (twelve countries in all), even when faced with obstacles and hardships. Their dedication is a testament to the way God has allowed Doug and Grace to be part of His plan during their time in Latin America. The Millers continue to pray that He will do the same for them in the Middle East.

What does it mean for the Millers to support global workers in their new role? They will be providing access to services such as coaching and counseling, as well as physical and financial resources. Sometimes this means connecting global workers to local organizations that can provide help. At other times they will be receiving workers into their home for rest and renewal. They view their new role as a chance to pour into their former students and give them the support they require.

A photo of a camel in the desert

As they settle into their new home country and adapt to the culture, familiarity will follow for the Millers. It will likely take some time, as all major adjustments do. Doug describes the route to get to their new home as a circuitous one. It’s not straightforward. It’s not the most obvious path. Many global workers might agree with that description, especially as it reflects their path in answering God’s call to ministry. Leaving the familiar is never easy. It involves saying goodbye to people and places that have become dear to us and stepping into new, uncomfortable situations. In those seasons of change, God takes us deeper in our faith, stretching and growing us so we can meet needs we never have before. Doug and Grace were obedient to God’s calling, even when it led them somewhere unexpected. They heard the prayers of those who needed help and took a risk to step into the gap, even when it meant uprooting their lives.


PRAY: Pray for the Millers as they adjust to a new culture and location. Pray for wisdom as they connect global workers to resources and for doors to open for those workers to share God’s love.

GO: God is always calling us to something new. Every day, He asks that we act in obedience and step out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it’s literal—leaving behind a place, a habit, a job, a country. Is God challenging you like He did Doug and Grace? There are hundreds of opportunities available right now around the world to serve and test God’s call. Take the first step today by visiting

The Call (Fall/Winter 2019)

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