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Hubert Harriman

Retired Support Staff
"God Put Together This Team"
By Rachel Elwood, Staff Writer, June 2016

Hubert Harriman, the son of retired missionaries Harold and Evelyn Harriman, was born and raised in Bolivia. Around age 10, he responded to the Holy Spirit at a special church service and gave his life to Christ. Hubert was heavily influenced by his maternal grandfather, who was an evangelist and preacher. While Hubert was in high school, he felt God calling him to preach. At the time, he thought that meant becoming a missionary rather than a pastor. 

He earned his BA from Vennard College (Iowa) before doing graduate work at Jerusalem University College and earning an MA from Anderson School of Theology (Indiana). He met Sarah, who was earning her undergraduate degree, at Anderson. They have been married for 42 years and have three grown daughters: Anne, Maria, and Emily. 

They served as missionaries in Argentina for one year, and, during that time, they felt God redirecting them to the pastorate in the United States. Hubert pastored Ligonier Evangelical Church in Indiana for 26 years. He also served as superintendent of the East Central Conference of the Evangelical Church for two years. Hubert remained connected to WGM, taking work teams and youth groups on missions trips and preaching at church meetings in South America and Africa. In 1989, he was invited to join WGM’s Board of Directors. In 2002, he became WGM’s fifth president. 

Some of Hubert’s highlights from his 14-year tenure include establishing the Missionary Discipleship Program, integrating Champion Migration Strategy into WGM’s thinking, building Member Health, and promoting Community Health Evangelism with the “two rails” of holiness and righteousness. Through it all, he credits his team—the Executive team, the support staff, and the missionary staff—for making it all possible. “I thank the Lord for the people I’ve been privileged to work with,” he shared. “God put together this team.”

According to Hubert, this reliance on God’s guidance supported WGM through some very challenging times, including the 2008 recession that necessitated restructuring the support staff and selling assets. “We went through a hard time,” he said. “2008 could have buried us, but now we’re doing really well, and it’s the Lord’s doing.”

Hubert thoroughly enjoyed traveling to WGM fields, interacting with missionaries in their ministries, and seeing firsthand what God is doing around the world. He has been a frequent speaker at church revivals, youth camps, camp meetings, seminars, retreats, conferences, and campaigns, both in the United States and internationally.“

But it isn’t my doing,” said Hubert. “It’s the Lord. Anytime I get the chance to speak to a group of people, I’m overwhelmed with the sense that this is from God. It’s an honor.” 

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