Your Gifts At Work: Yemen Crisis Relief

April 20, 2017

In January, we asked you to help the people of Yemen, who, like many in the Middle East, have been suffering through a conflict that has crippled the country. World Gospel Mission’s partners in Yemen have been actively working to provide food and other supplies and to help restart education for children and women. As faithful people reach out to their communities—even in the darkest places—there is hope.

The war isn’t over; far from it. But seeds of hope are being planted. Here are a few of those stories. 

Food Baskets Provide More than Nourishment

Our partners hand-select the people who are involved in aid distribution, who then strategically choose families to receive aid. Every effort is made to ensure aid and resources are distributed responsibly and equitably. 

From a food basket recipient: “Since we are a small household of only two, the basket gave us the privilege to share a large part of it with the poor in our neighborhood and our neighbors who are in need. Also, the baskets that were made available to our families and relatives helped us in a powerful way to restore our relationships with them. They built a good bridge for communication and evangelism through these works of love and Biblical conduct. Previously my wife and I had lost our relationship with our families—the situation was very negative. However, after they received the food baskets through us, this was very positive and we were able to communicate with them again. We won their respect and understanding.”

Education in a War Zone

Over 1,500 schools have been damaged or destroyed by the war, threatening to deprive 720,000 students of their ability to receive an education. Beyond that, about 2 million children, including 513,000 internally displaced children, are currently out of school—over 30 percent of Yemen’s school-aged children. With government infrastructure in shambles, teacher salaries have not been paid in months.

But our local partners are working to change that. They are restarting classes—even in bombed-out schools—in an effort to keep children on an educational track. 

From a student at a rural education project: “I started studying in the education project last year and I studied all of 11th grade through the project. Thanks to the project I was able to advance to the 12th grade. The difficult circumstances and war in our area deprived us of our education, but this alternative education opportunity helped me and many others to overcome this deprivation. Praise God we continued our education successfully.”

Yemen Still Needs You

GiveGIVE: The need is still great for food distribution, supplies, and education for children and women. Please partner with our brothers and sisters in Yemen as they bring help and hope to their people by donating securely online or by sending in your donation with #81018  on the memo line of the check to:

World Gospel Mission
P.O. Box 948
Marion, IN 46952

WGM's staff in the Middle East overseas all distribution of funds and holds the local partners accountable in all financial considerations. Our highest priority is to ensure your gifts are used in the way that you intend.