Church Ministries in Villa Hidalgo, Mexico


Villa Hidalgo is a textile town located in central Mexico. Idolatry and tradition are important to the people of the area, making the community closed to outsiders and to new ways of thinking and doing things. Approximately 15,000 people live in Villa Hidalgo, but there is only one fully established church with only around 30 people who attend. That means more than 14,000 people in Villa Hidalgo, Mexico, need to hear the truth of God’s Word and see the love of Christ.

“Knowing there are so many people without Christ is heart wrenching,” shared Chrissy Greenwell, who started WGM’s outreach in Villa Hidalgo in March 2014. “I’m praying and hoping that my presence here will help others come to know Him as their Lord and Savior.”


However, before Chrissy could start her English classes, baking classes, Bible study, Vacation Bible School program, and home church, she had to build relationships with her neighbors. When Chrissy first came to town, people worried she was there to steal children because of the violence and kidnappings that have plagued Mexico’s past and present.

“Little by little, I’ve gained the people’s trust,” Chrissy stated. “Now we are hoping to add a sewing class to our list of ministries, our church wants to grow and reach out to more people in the city, and I’m hoping to plan some bigger evangelistic outreaches.”

On May 17, 2015, a little over a year after Chrissy’s arrival, the Villa Hidalgo home church began meeting on Sunday nights, with three or four people attending. The group has since added a midweek Bibly study and early morning prayer meeting each week.

“Although we are a small group, God is revealing Himself more and more, and we can see real transformation in the lives of those involved in our church,” Chrissy noted.


One such person whom God is changing is Carlos, 33, who has suffered with depression and alcoholism since the age of 13. Although he had a relationship with Jesus when he started coming to the home church in May 2015, Carlos wasn’t strong in his faith. As he began to struggle with family stress, he returned to alcohol to escape. Through lots of prayer and some difficult confrontations, Carlos, a father of two, was able to abandon the alcohol and start the healing process. One day Carlos shared with Chrissy that had she not been in Villa Hidalgo, he most likely would have died during that month of drinking. Carlos has accepted the Lord and is continually growing in his faith.

“I’m thankful God brought me here and that He has allowed me to interact with this precious family,” Chrissy said. “However, there is still so much need for children’s outreach, youth ministry, women’s work, men’s outreach, help for drug addicts and alcoholics, and more. Since there is no national church or church-planting team in Villa Hidalgo with me, there is no way I can do it all. And it is difficult to help people discover pure truth in the midst of the twisted truth they have learned from idolatry and other local religions.”

Discover below how you can get involved in church ministries in Villa Hidalgo, Mexico.

Do you want to go to Mexico?GO: Do you want to go to Mexico? Villa Hidalgo needs help with VBS the week after Easter Sunday each year. The ministry is also looking for children’s and youth workers and those interested in helping start a rehabilitation center in the area. Ministry is happening all the time. Contact or go to for more information about these available ministry opportunities.

Partner with outreach in Villa Hidalgo.GIVE: Funding for VBS and microbusiness loans is always needed in Villa Hidalgo.

Vacation Bible School: Every year, Chrissy and her congregation hold a VBS program the week after Easter during many school’s spring break. A gift of $350 will help the team purchase materials, prepare decorations, have supplies for crafts and sports, and provide prizes for the kids’ accomplishments throughout the week.

Microbusiness Loans: Since Villa Hidalgo is a textile town, small businesses are a way to encourage those who are struggling and those who are just starting out. A new microbusiness can be started with a loan of $1,500. Then, when the funds are paid back, those dollars will be passed on to other new business owners each year.

Make an impact on your knees.PRAY: Please pray that God will grant Chrissy wisdom as she leads the small congregation in Villa Hidalgo. Pray that she will know what ministries to start in the community and that the church will grown in number and in Christ. Pray also for open hearts so the people will see their need for Christ, come to know that God desires a relationship with them, and realize that idolatry is a false religion.

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