University Residence in Argentina

The National University of Córdoba is a highly ranked, well-established university where young Argentines can receive a higher education. But housing is not provided for these students—more than 100,000 each year. They must find their own place to live during the March to December Argentine school year; however, few good housing options are available, especially for Christian students.

WGM Argentina seeks to provide affordable housing for Christian university students. In 2010 the residence welcomed its first student, and it has expanded to house six. Students living in the residence are provided with simple furniture and the use of a kitchen as well as other basic necessities. Their rent covers utilities and maintenance while the students purchase their own food.

In addition to meeting the students’ physical needs and acting as a stepping stone toward complete independence, the residence hopes to fulfill students’ spiritual needs, acting as a place of immersion in scripture during a weekly Bible study and as a place conducive to discipleship through everyday life together.

Rising costs and a lack of personnel both present problems for this 24/7 ministry. Furthermore, security is a top priority as Córdoba, a city of 2 million people, has rising crime rates.

WGM missionaries are hopeful, however, that God will continue to provide for the university residence ministry. As of 2013, the residence was sufficient to house up to six women, but WGM hopes to expand. Though they consider about 10 students to be the limit, since true discipleship with each student can occur only in smaller groups, they would like to witness the establishment of other Christian university residences in the city.

WGM Argentina is in contact with several organizations and church denominations that are interested in beginning similar residences, and they hope to be a part of helping those residences open.

Make an impact on your knees!PRAY: Pray that the residence will be able to expand and minister to even more students.

Pray that the students living in the residence will grow in their relationships with Christ as they are discipled through this first taste of independent life.

Pray that God will call missionaries to get involved with the university residence, expanding the ministry’s opportunities.

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Speaker Outline

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