Orphan Outreach in Ukraine

Most children who live in Ukrainian orphanages have at least one living parent. For many reasons, their parents chose to relinquish them to the state to raise. Still, these social orphans face the same challenges as other orphans. When they age out of the system, they find themselves struggling to cope with the responsibilities of life. 

“Basic life skills generally aren’t taught in an orphanage,” said Bill Brower, missionary in Ukraine who works with children and youth along with his wife, Oksana. “They don’t know how to manage money. They don’t know how to do laundry. They don’t know how to cook.”

In partnership with Ukrainian Christians from several churches, Bill and Oksana are working with an orphanage and a shelter for pregnant women and new mothers, offering practical help and spiritual support. 

Orphanage in Palogi

Located near Berdyansk in eastern Ukraine, the orphanage in Palogi houses between 60 to 80 children. Bill, Oksana, and Ukrainian believers visit the orphanage every week, playing games, hanging out, and doing a Bible lesson. They also help provide medicine, supplies, and clothing for the children, and they throw big parties at Christmas and Easter. Because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict nearby, the government has cut subsidies to orphanages, so the help from missionaries is welcome. 

Bill and Oksana hope to encourage the orphanage to focus on teaching the children practical life skills, including offering their help in teaching English, a skill that will be important as Ukraine seeks entrance into the European Union. “We just want to help in any way we can,” shared Bill. “We’re here to assist.”

Women’s Shelter in Berdyansk

Most of the women and girls at the shelter are orphans who have aged out of the system, become pregnant, and been abandoned by their partners. Oksana and a Ukrainian believer regularly visit the shelter, talk to the ladies, and offer help, including diapers, medicine, etc. 

One day, they met a lady with an infant son. The mother had hepatitis and was worried that her son might also have the illness. Bill and Oksana were able to help her with funds for testing and medicine. Over time, Oksana built a relationship with the little family, and the mother asked if she could attend church with the Browers. Bill and Oksana were overjoyed, and they all had a wonderful time together at church. The Browers have been able to stay in contact with the mother and her son, and they are praying God will draw them to Him. 


Make a difference on your knees!

PRAY: Pray for Bill, Oksana, and their Ukrainian partners as they minister at the orphanage and women’s shelter. Pray for the children and young women who do not have families. Pray that they will find restoration and hope in Jesus. 

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Speaker Outline

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