WGM Uganda Celebrates 25 Years

Part 2: Transforming Lives

October 26, 2017

In line with WGM’s desire to engage in “ministries that reach out to the whole person,” WGM Uganda partners with Africa Gospel Church Uganda, offering training programs for the church and community. These programs have a key component of empowerment and also encourage spiritual growth. (If you missed Part 1: Building the Church, click here.)

Community Health Empowerment  

The kingdom of God is at hand. Through Jesus Christ, all people have full access to the King, and He provides what we need to live abundant lives in Him. As people live according to God’s will, they experience His peace and live healthier lives.

Community Health Empowerment is a model for integrating evangelism and discipleship with community-based development. CHE programs began in Africa in the 1980s. This model was then taken to other parts of the world, where it proved adaptable to a wide range of situations. Today, WGM Uganda is equipping pastors and other community members to train others in the CHE model. Through this “training of trainers” the goal is empowering the community to lift itself out of cycles of poverty (physical and spiritual), famine, and disease. 

The future of CHE in Uganda looks bright. Last year, the organization added an entire division called Women’s Cycle of Life. The goal is to help women understand their identity in Christ and the unique role of women in God’s kingdom. WGM Uganda plans to bring this training to more communities. They also plan to equip more Ugandans to facilitate training, which would increase the amount of trainings held each year. 

Farming God’s Way

Through Farming God’s Way, subsistence farmers are taught biblical principles in their stewardship of the land in addition to environment-specific farming techniques. By changing methods of irrigation and soil conservation, subsistence farmers are able to greatly increase their crops’ yields. Besides providing more fresh produce for their families to eat, they are also able to sell the extra, creating an income stream. Trainers have even traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and taught farmers skills to raise their crop yields using Farming God’s Way.

Heritage International School

Heritage International School is a Christian day school in Kampala that exists to provide a quality Christian education that prepares students for a life of faith and service. It educates students from more than 20 countries around the world. HIS ministers to the children of missionaries and other expatriates as well as Ugandan children. 

The Print Shop

WGM operates a full-service print shop, printing Christian literature for the field’s needs as well as those of other ministries. Located at the WGM Duplex, The Print Shop is a convenient source for making photocopies and from which Bibles and song books in various languages can be purchased. 

University Discipleship Movement    

The University Discipleship Movement in Uganda began in 2002. Three students at Kampala International University met together for Bible study, fellowship, and to encourage each other in their Christian walks. They met once a week, and they each attended their own churches on Sundays. As time went on, more students joined the fellowship and other small groups began to form.

Eventually, the students started United Faith Chapel, a thriving community of believers. It is now a full-fledged, student-led church in Kampala. As the ministries at United Faith Chapel grew, students at other universities throughout East Africa asked the church to help them create their own student-led ministries, leading to the formation of UDM.

The movement’s vision is to raise up a passionate generation of transformed university students who will take the whole gospel to the whole world. In addition to working with existing Christian groups on university and college campuses, UDM leaders help establish discipleship programs and campus churches at universities where Christian groups do not yet exist. At least six universities have discipleship ministries with the potential of more universities being reached as financial and personnel needs are met. 

Kikongo Primary School      

Buvuma Island is located in Lake Victoria, 17 miles off the coast of mainland Uganda. The community and WGM Uganda are working together to run a primary school at Kikongo village. The school is a tool to minister to orphans. Currently, there are approximately 150 orphans attending the school and receiving meals and other assistance through the ministries in Kikongo. 

Orphan Ministries   

In addition to supporting orphans to attend Kikongo Primary School, WGM provides scholarships—as funds are available—for orphans at other schools in various parts of Uganda.   

Partner with WGM Uganda

Pray!PRAY: There are more ministry opportunities ahead for WGM Uganda. Join us in asking the Lord to provide the wisdom and resources needed as we move into the next 25 years.

GoGO: Are you ready to join the exciting projects and ministries that God is doing in Uganda? We’d love to help you find your place on this dynamic mission field. View available ministry opportunities or contact mobilization@wgm.org to get started today!  

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