WGM Uganda Celebrates 25 Years

Part 1: Building the Church

October 26, 2017

Happy birthday, Uganda! WGM’s work in Uganda, that is. What began with the founding of one small church in 1992 has grown into a national, church-driven movement to transform the entire country for Christ. 


WGM Uganda began as an outreach of WGM Kenya. Several exploratory trips were made prior to Rev. and Mrs. Larry and Joy McPherson moving to Uganda in 1992. Along with a team of Ugandans, the McPhersons planted Africa Gospel Church Kisugu in the capital city of Kampala. Since then, WGM has continued to assist in the development of AGC Uganda. AGC Uganda is fully registered with the government as an independent entity and has assumed the administrative responsibilities for the leadership of the denomination, which now has over 150 congregations. 

Pastoral Training  

Since the early years of WGM’s ministry in Uganda, it has been clear that there is a great need to develop and train pastors to lead their congregations. Most Ugandan pastors work during the week to provide for their families so are unable to attend a resident Bible or theological college. Under the leadership of AGC Uganda, a multilevel training program was created to equip national pastors and church leaders with the practical ministry skills and Bible knowledge they need to effectively minister. Thousands of national pastors and church leaders have had the opportunity to receive training on a part-time basis while continuing to serve their families, churches, and communities. 

Currently, the training is a three-year program. Each year, participants receive 36 lessons in the areas of basic Bible knowledge, theology, church history, Biblical Storytelling, general pastoral studies, radio and hospital ministry, and practical ministry skills (preaching and evangelism). The students also attend training two days each month in regional locations. Strengths of the pastoral training program include:

  • Enabling pastors to continue ministering in their communities while they study.
  • Preparing pastors to better serve Christ through knowledge of His Word and the use of practical ministry tools.
  • Teaching pastors many Bible stories so they can share God’s Word with their congregations, even if those people cannot read the Bible themselves.

AGC Uganda, with the assistance of WGM, has been consistently changing and adapting this ministry and its curriculum to make it as effective as possible. Through Biblical Storytelling, the pastors learn how to share a Bible story. They then lead an oral inductive study of the scripture, joining with the Holy Spirit in enlightening people to the truth in God’s Word, which brings transformation in hearts and lives.

Pastoral Library

Another addition to the pastoral training program came with the opening of the AGC Pastoral Library in Kampala. The library has a growing inventory of reference materials that give pastors invaluable resources to continue studying on their own.

Prayer Ministries

WGM Uganda has always considered prayer foundational for whatever is accomplished for the kingdom of God. In 2008, the missionaries acted to build on this foundation. The field became more intentional in working to motivate, recruit, and inspire intercessors in Uganda, in the church, and around the world. Each missionary contacted their ministry team in the U.S., asking for volunteers to sign up to pray at a certain time each week for 15 minutes. The goal was to cover as much of the 24-hour-, seven-days-per-week-period as possible. Monthly updates are sent out with specific prayer needs. 

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