The Best of the Story: March 2017

Special Note: The Best of the Story: Miraculous Answers to Prayer (published 1993, reprinted 2001) was written by WGM retiree Burnis H. Bushong. The purpose of the book is to share miraculous answers to prayer experienced by WGM missionaries over the years. We hope these stories inspire you to pray for missions activities around the world. A new story from the book is posted each month.

The Absent Member of the Party

Monthly excerpt from The Best of the Story
By Burnis Bushong, Retiree

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

Gertrude Shryock was at last in Africa. Now her lifelong dream of being a missionary was a reality. With the car piled high with baggage, Gertrude, along with Bob and Catharine Smith who had welcomed her to Kenya, set out for Tenwek. Trudy, as missionary Shryock was soon to be called, described the trip upcountry:

“We passed through country teeming with wildlife of every description. Geography books came alive. Truly this new phase of service to the Master was being introduced in an intriguing way! Just as our trail led way down into the deep brush and forest country, the tropical sun slid behind the hill and it was dark. As the Ford made a desperate effort to hurdle a large mud hole, it found that this was quite too much, so sank right down to the axle in this black, gummy mud. All hands worked, but the car refused to move.

“The hyenas started howling and closing in. A leopard coughed nearby as we carried rocks and branches to build under the wheels. The game that had been shot for food was taken off the car and carried some distance back on the trail. At least the animals coming from that direction would have the keen edge taken off their appetites before they reached us!

“One person held the gun in readiness for any sudden attack while others kept working. Shooting frequently to keep the animals at bay, the hurried work continued. Finally around midnight, with a mighty effort, we pulled out of the mud. Just as we turned a sharp curve on the trail, there loomed before us five enormous spotted hyenas. Reluctantly they moved into the jungle as we sped safely passed [sic].”

Eight years later, a lady in Michigan informed Trudy that the Lord had placed a burden of prayer upon her. Leaving her work, she had prayed until the burden lifted. She had jotted down in her Bible the date and the hour—the same hour they had been struggling to free their vehicle from the sticky, African mud.

You, too, may become a co-worker with God and His messengers through intercessory prayer.

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