The Best of the Story: The Unexploded Bomb

Special Note: The Best of the Story: Miraculous Answers to Prayer (published 1993, reprinted 2001) was written by WGM retiree Burnis H. Bushong. The purpose of the book is to share miraculous answers to prayer experienced by WGM missionaries over the years. We hope these stories inspire you to pray for missions activities around the world. A new story from the book is posted each month.

The Unexploded Bomb

Monthly excerpt from The Best of the Story
By Burnis Bushong, Retiree

 “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” Psalm 91:7

Joshua Asahina was called to Christian service but was drafted into the Japanese army during World War II. While serving in a tank unit, he was exposed to constant danger, and a large number of soldiers were killed around him. At times, he wondered if he would ever pastor in his homeland.

One night, his group was attacked by bombers and fighter planes. Obviously, the noise of battle was intense as bombs were exploding on every side. Joshua’s tank stopped moving. Perhaps the driver thought the tank would be undetected in the darkness. 

When dawn arrived, all was quiet so they left the tank to survey the destruction and death about them. To their amazement, they saw a live bomb that had, miraculously, become ensnared in a parachute. It was dangling less than six inches from the ground, suspended by the parachute ropes that had become entangled on the gun barrel of the tank. Had the tank moved, the bomb would, no doubt, have dropped and detonated on contact with the ground.

The Christian soldier on board was to be the future pastor of the Immanuel Church in Osaka, Japan. He served for as a pastor for over 45 years, later becoming the president of the Immanuel General Mission. Thousands did fall at his side, but God’s protection was evident in his life.

Periodically, all of us confront danger although we may not be aware of it at the time. We have the divine assurance of God’s presence and protection.