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Kids in Ministry: Lexi Williams

Kids in Ministry: Lexi Williams

Missionary Kids can have a pretty incredible impact on the mission field. They have a way of opening doors adults can’t, just by playing and loving and interacting with those they meet. MKs get a unique view of life and ministry alongside their parents, both inside the U.S. and out.

Today we have the privilege to hear from Lexi Williams, MK in Uganda, who was recently asked a few questions by her dad, Justin, following a community ministry visit with the Tumaini Aids Prevention Program (TAPP). TAPP is a program assisting young women and children who are HIV positive.

Lexi Williams, MK in Uganda on a TAPP visit

Justin: What were you expecting when we went on the TAPP visits?

Lexi: I was just expecting to visit some people, give them food, and go. I didn’t expect that we would spend time loving them in other ways, like listening and praying over them. It was heart warming.

Praying in another home.

Justin: Why do we do TAPP visits?

Lexi: We do them because Jesus said go and love those who are in front of you. We also get to love on others who really need to be loved. We also get to go out into our community and love our neighbors.

Lexi and her dad, Justin, in front of a home they visited.

Justin: What was the most powerful thing that happened during the TAPP visit?

Lexi: When one of the ladies refused to admit that she had HIV and it was killing her. It was also amazing to see how grateful these ladies were [for] everything that they had. They had a true gratitude.

Lexi praying with a woman and her child

Justin: Was it uncomfortable for you to do this?

Lexi: Yes, the first one was very uncomfortable because it seemed wrong to be in the home of people who had so little and were struggling so much. It got easier when I realized that nobody ever came to visit these ladies and love them like this. I knew that I was making a difference.

Praying together

Justin and Debby Williams live in Uganda with their kids Lexi, Micah, and Levi. You can follow their journey on their blog or on Facebook.

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