Starting Small: Pan de Vida Church in Léon, Mexico

February 16, 2017

Seeds are small; yet, they contain immense potential for growth.  Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) Church in Léon, Mexico, illustrates this idea. The church started out as a small home group. A pastor from nearby Irapuato and a couple in Léon began working together with the pastor leading Bible studies to the group, which grew to 20 people in a short period of time.

Persisting through Trials

Now-retired missionaries Dennis and Twana Johnson arrived in this central Mexican city in 2012 to be a support to the growing church and to help with other ministries in Mexico. Extenuating circumstances caused the pastor to resign, and many from the group left as a result. Only one family remained. Despite this setback, the family continued to meet with Dennis and Twana for prayer and study.

A public meeting place was found, and Dennis and Twana enlisted prayer partners for this tiny church. At their first official meeting, two more families came. “For the next few months, each Sunday we had new people—they came by word of mouth, invitation by a friend, music listened to, and a hunger to know of God’s love,” Twana shared. Today, the church continues to grow and share His love in Léon. 

Transforming Lives

Shortly after Pan de Vida moved to its public location, a couple began attending the church. Their marriage was in shambles, and they were in great need of reconciliation with each other and with God. Through much prayer and discipleship, their relationship was restored. Six months after they began attending the church, they renewed their marriage vows. They are now faithful workers in the church, codirecting the AWANA program for children. 

Partner with Pan de Vida

PrayPRAY: Pray for the pastors as they study and impart God’s Word. They need wisdom, patience, and knowledge. Pan de Vida continues to grow, and the church needs a property of its own. There is a possibility of a piece of land being donated. Pray for the process of applying for this gift. The greater church in central Mexico is also in need of leaders. Pray for more pastors and trained youth and children’s workers to step into these roles.