Prayer Lifeline—October 10, 2017

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“Watch and pray…” (Matthew 26:41a NIV). Whether we are experiencing mountaintop highs in our ministries or walking through shadowed valleys, may we seek the Lord in all things and ask for His divine peace and joy.


Honduras: El Sembrador has impacted Honduran society for more than 64 years. This year, the school had its first kindergarten class in history, and it will be adding one grade of bilingual education each year. Lift up the staff as they strive to teach the students a biblical worldview with the ultimate goal of transforming their lives for the glory of God.

Honduras: Larry and Angie Overholt are excited to announce that they met their goal of making the first down payment for the purchase of a local building to be used by Shalom Church and Choluteca School of Nursing. As they praise God for His provision, they are working on raising the final 50 percent, which is due by September 2018. However, the sooner the funds can be raised, the sooner WGM Honduras can begin the next phase of building the needed classrooms for the expansion of the nursing school. Join them in praying that the needed funds will come in quickly so the Transcrisur team can continue to provide quality educational opportunities that will positively impact the students, the Choluteca community, and all of Honduras.

Because You Prayed: Our great God has provided and answered prayer, and Titus and Jewel Romdenh have been released from homeland ministry assignment. Remember them and their children—Sophear and Chamnab—as they leave for Cambodia on Friday, October 13, to begin spreading Christ’s love to the people there.


American Indian Field: Darin and Laura Arnott shared that “Going Deeper” is the theme for Teen Weekend Camp October 20-22. The staff at Southwest Indian Ministries Center will be focusing on the lives of the disciples and what it looks like to be a fully committed disciple of Christ. Pray that the Lord will bring the teens He wants to camp and that their hearts will be prepared to dive deep into God’s truth and apply it to their lives.

Uganda: Josh and Kelly Hallahan are each involved in a weekly small group for the male and female students, respectively, at Heritage International School. “Act Like Men” and “Act Like Women” are student-led groups that meet once a week before school. The students open the Word together and challenge one another on being godly men and women. Please pray that these students will continue to seek lifestyles that honor God and that they will keep encouraging one another throughout the year.

Africa: University Discipleship Movement small groups have begun for this school year. Pray that all the discipleship groups meeting throughout Africa will experience deep spiritual growth and guidance as the students minister to each other throughout the semester.

Harvest Workers: Ask God for more workers to fill the vital needs on mission fields around the world. (If you or someone you know is interested in serving, contact

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