Social Work: The Hands and Feet of Jesus

In addition to being our Savior, Jesus is the best social worker the world has ever seen. From the beginning of His ministry, when He celebrated with family and friends at the wedding in Cana, to His final days of teaching over meals, Jesus participated in all aspects of life and showed His followers how to live like Him. He helped with a family business (fishing), healed physical and emotional conditions, mourned with people during loss, and reached out to the ostracized and marginalized. 

Social workers today serve in a variety of people-oriented professions, including counseling, hospice care, corrections, refugee care, justice, and more. In missions, missionaries involved in social work seek to follow this perfect example of caring for people in the context of their communities and helping them live better. Most importantly, they desire for people to see Jesus through their actions and service. 

Missionary Volunteer Partner Dorothy Low (American Indian Field), who served for many years as a hospice nurse on a Native American reservation in Arizona, views her role as not just focused on the individuals in care but also on their families. “Being part of the community is important. When a nurse takes care of a hospice patient, you have a community of 25-30 people that you can impact during a very emotionally stressful time when people are thinking about the afterlife,” she said.

Dorothy also desires to be an example of Christian service to a community, showing other Christians how important it is to be committed to a church as well as active in the community. “When we’re out doing whatever we’ve been called to do, we want people to see God in us,” she shared. 

Partner with Social Work in Missions

PrayPRAY: Pray that men and women who want to share the message of Jesus through their social work professions will find ways to do so. Pray for strength, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and wisdom in conveying the message of the gospel. 

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