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Men With Vision 2022 Annual Project

ID: 31129
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We need your help to open three ministry buildings in Africa. Right now, these three buildings are in such rough shape they aren’t usable. Your gift will help meet the physical needs of others and share the Gospel message in Africa. African Gospel Church (AGC) in Kenya owns all three buildings. Two of the three buildings are “dispensaries,” or medical clinics. The third building will serve as a much-needed ministry retreat center.

A child is treated for a medical need outside.

Patients receive quality care at the staging center.

In Ng’oron, AGC operates a small dispensary. It provides lifesaving medicine and treatment to individuals who have little to no access to health care services. But space and equipment are limited. Patients in need of serious care are often referred to the nearest hospital—roughly eighty miles away.

Between Ng’oron and the hospital, the terrain is rugged, and transport depends on motorcycles or private vehicles. The trip is difficult and can prevent individuals from accessing the care they need. When every minute counts, the amount of time required to get there is too long.

Expanding medical services in Ng’oron will give more patients access to the vital and timely care they need. AGC owns an inpatient facility with enough rooms for the Ng’oron staff to increase admissions, host labor and deliveries, and expand services to the community. However, the building’s original construction was never completed. To make it operational, the structure requires renovations and equipment. The estimated improvements total $12,000.

A building without a roof and a few people stand outside a building that needs repair.

The Modogo dispensary and the Ng’oron dispensary.

The second dispensary in need of renovation is in Madogo. It was established ten years ago by local missionaries. But sadly, it’s now in ruins. The roof was stolen and carried away by people who lost their homes to flooding. Without a roof to cover the dispensary, it is crumbling away. Restoring the Madogo dispensary will make it possible to provide physical and spiritual care to people in need of help and healing.

To become fully operational, the dispensary requires restoration and equipping from the ground up. Medical equipment, medicine, patient beds, surgical tools, and an autoclaving machine for sterility are necessary. The building also needs electricity, either by connecting it to the Kenya power grid or by having solar panels installed. The estimated cost for reconstructing the Madogo dispensary is $12,000.

A group of people sits in a semicircle around a speaker next to a building.

People gather for an event outside the retreat center.

The mission retreat center is the third building needing restoration work. Like the dispensaries, this building holds great opportunity to impact the lives of others. But as it stands, it is dark and uninhabitable. Showers, toilets, and electricity are needed along with construction of guest rooms. Additionally, the existing septic tank requires upgrades.

The mission retreat center toilets

The mission retreat center toilets and septic tank need upgraded.

The estimated cost for renovations to the retreat center is $11,000. Once complete, the mission retreat center will provide rest, relaxation, and restoration to national pastors and missionaries. The facility will also serve as a resource and training center for those passionate about mission work. The space may be rented for public use, generating revenue for the mission department of AGC.

The total cost to restore all three buildings is $35,000.

It's urgent that you give now. What may appear on the outside to be just a building holds a future of unlimited impact. The ministries housed therein can affect lives and souls for generations to come. Opening for business equates to opening doors to hope and healing through Jesus.

Four people sit in a semicircle and talk underneath a tree.

A debriefing at the mission center

The restoration of three facilities will create more ministry opportunities in Africa. The physical buildings create inroads to communities and access to people and places who otherwise wouldn't be reached. The impact of sharing the Gospel message is limitless, precious, and real. Through these ministries, individual will access:

  • Physical healing
  • Diagnoses of sickness and disease
  • Lifesaving treatment
  • Physical and spiritual restoration
  • Conversations about Jesus and opportunities for salvation

With your help, children and families needing medical treatment will have access to the healthcare they need. Missionaries will be poured into and filled up before going back to service. And all involved will be able to experience first-hand the goodness of God and His care.

Thank you for your faithful support that makes it possible to reach more people for Christ.

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