The Print Shop in Uganda

In Uganda, many tribes and people groups do not have access to books, including the Bible, in their native language. However, The Print Shop in Kampala is working daily to provide Ugandans with spiritual literature and educational materials they can read.

The shop prints books, tracts, brochures, posters, and other items for a variety of Christian organizations in Uganda. Discipleship materials, Bible studies, seminars on topics such as marriage, primers for learning how to read, and even translation tools have all been published by The Print Shop. While the majority of the materials produced are in English, materials in 15 to 20 other languages have also been published in the last few years.

Ministries that use The Print Shop include Heritage International School, Africa Gospel Church Uganda, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and SIL International. Wycliffe and SIL International are working to translate the Bible and other literature into new languages. Other print shops in Kampala are unreliable and expensive, making it difficult for ministries to acquire the materials they need. The Print Shop enables organizations to do their ministry more effectively and eases their concern over whether they will have the materials when they need them.

Proceeds from The Print Shop’s operation both sustain the shop and support other ministries in Uganda, such as pastors’ training, Community Health Evangelism, and church development.


Started in 2007 by missionary Kenneth Hopson, The Print Shop strives to produce high-quality, low-cost materials with integrity for the glory of God. The shop has produced thousands of books, tracts, and other materials. Some of the books published are the first to be printed in particular languages, opening new avenues of ministry to various people groups in Uganda. With the shortage of reading materials in Africa, every book and tract can potentially reach many people.

One book published by The Print Shop, the first printed in the language of a particular northwest Ugandan tribe, equipped teachers to help students read and understand literature. The book encouraged readers to explore literature deeply, beyond simply comprehending it. When students apply this skill to the Bible, its message becomes significantly more profound in their lives.

Kenneth currently manages and runs The Print Shop full time. Ugandans are hired part time to meet the demand as the workload fluctuates. One of these workers is in school, and the money earned enables him to pay university fees. All the shop’s equipment was donated, and The Print Shop operates out of a garage off of the Hopsons’ home. A new room to expand the printing facility is being planned as additional space is needed to meet the growing demand for quality printed Christian materials.

Make an impact on your knees!PRAY: Ministries are using the materials produced by The Print Shop for teaching, discipleship, and evangelism. Pray that as many people as possible will experience the gospel through these materials.

Pray also that the new equipment donated in 2014 will continue to operate well under the mostly dusty, warm, and non-air conditioned environment in The Print Shop.

When the Hopsons leave Uganda for homeland ministry assignment in the States, they are forced to close The Print Shop, requiring ministries to find other printers during that time. Pray that God will use one of the part-time Ugandan workers currently being trained to run The Print Shop in Kenneth’s absence.

Do you want to go to Uganda?GO: Would you like to volunteer at The Print Shop? Email to learn more about short-term opportunities.

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