May 2017 Prayer Calendar

With this prayer calendar, your prayers will touch every WGM missionary, missionary kid, retiree, support staff member, and more! Visit the prayer calendar every day or click the Printer friendly link and print out that month. You can also request a printed copy of the entire year at Thank you for your partnership in the Great Commission through your prayers.

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May Prayer Calendar

Missionary—Joy Phillips, Community Health and Development and Support Ministries, North Africa
Support Staff Retiree—Pat Endsley
MK/Support Staff Kid—Clarissa Peratrovich (1999), Support Staff, Adam/Rhonda Muhr

Missionaries—Len and Betsy Phillips, Support Ministries, North America
Board Member—Rev. Dave Engbrecht (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Luke Phillips (1998), Asbury University, North America, Len/Betsy Phillips

Missionary—Barbara Pinkley, Education and Medical, Kenya
Board Member—Gary Gilmore (New Jersey)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Elaina Porter (2009), Papua New Guinea, Seth/Veronica Porter

Missionaries—Seth and Veronica Porter, Church Ministries, Papua New Guinea
Support Staff—Jared Gleason
MK/Support Staff Kid—Malachi Porter (2011), Papua New Guinea, Seth/Veronica Porter

Missionary—Laurie Potter, Education and Support Ministries, Honduras
Support Staff—Kristina Gleason
MK/Support Staff Kid—Levi Porter (2013), Papua New Guinea, Seth/Veronica Porter

Retiree—Priscilla Probst, Japan
Board Member—Dr. Sandra Gray (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Alivia Porter (2015), Papua New Guinea, Seth/Veronica Porter

Missionaries—Viktor and Kristen Rózsa, Missionary Disciples, Hungary
Support Staff Retirees—Hubert and Sarah Harriman
MK/Support Staff Kid—Audrey Powers (2014), Support Staff, Jonathan/Faith Powers

Missionaries—Philip and Debbie Renfroe, Support Ministries, North America
Support Staff—Shannon Hawk
MK/Support Staff Kid—Emily Rózsa (2009), Hungary, Viktor/Kristen Rózsa

Missionary—DeeAnn Rich, Church and Support Ministries, Honduras
Support Staff Retirees—Tim and Sharon Hawk
MK/Support Staff Kid—Gabriella Rózsa (2012), Hungary, Viktor/Kristen Rózsa

Missionary—Shushan Richardson, Education, Lithuania
Support Staff Retiree—Ruth Hayes
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lillian Rózsa (2013), Hungary, Viktor/Kristen Rózsa 

Missionaries—Jim and Martha Ritchie, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff Retirees—Tom and Ella Mae Hermiz
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jackson Rinehimer (2009), Support Staff, John/Erica Rinehimer

Missionaries—Ben and Jenny Roberts, Medical and Support Ministries, Kenya
Support Staff—Victoria Herring
MK/Support Staff Kid—Helen Ritchie (1997), Wheaton College, Kenya, Jim/Martha Ritchie

Missionaries—Titus and Jewel Romdenh, Missionary Disciples, Cambodia
Support Staff Retirees—Don and Norene Hohensee
MK/Support Staff Kid—Meredith Ritchie (2001), Kenya, Jim/Martha Ritchie

Retiree—Karen Rickel, Honduras
Support Staff—Natasha Hudnell
MK/Support Staff Kid—James Ritchie (2005), Kenya, Jim/Martha Ritchie

Missionaries—Nathan and Amy Schmidt, Church and Support Ministries, Bolivia
Support Staff Retiree—Bonnie Hudson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Luke Roberts (2002), Kenya, Ben/Jennifer Roberts

Missionary—Ann Seaney, Support Ministries, Bolivia and Peru
Support Staff Retiree—Jim Imler
MK/Support Staff Kid—Isaac Roberts (2004), Kenya, Ben/Jennifer Roberts

Missionaries—Brady and Alicia Searl, Missionary Disciples, Uganda
Support Staff—Aaron Johnson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Nathanael Roberts (2006), Kenya, Ben/Jennifer Roberts

Missionaries—Dan and Katy Beth Searls, Church and Education, Hungary
Support Staff—Sheila Johnson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Sophear Romdenh (2014), Cambodia, Titus/Jewel Romdenh

Missionary—Faith Shingledecker, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff Retirees—Eldred and Luanne Kelley
MK/Support Staff Kid—Chamnab Romdenh (2016), Cambodia, Titus/Jewel Romdenh

Missionary—Laura Lea Sims, Church Ministries, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Pray for the executive team as they provide leadership to WGM.
MK/Support Staff Kid—Susana Schmidt (2003), Bolivia, Nathan/Amy Schmidt

Missionaries—Clark and Valerie Sleeth, Missionary Disciples, Kenya
Support Staff—Darrel Laman
MK/Support Staff Kid—Abigail Schmidt (2008), Bolivia, Nathan/Amy Schmidt

Missionaries—Steve and Kelly Solheim, Children and Youth, Honduras
Board Member—Rev. Reuben Lang’at (Kansas)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Natalia Schmidt (2010), Bolivia, Nathan/Amy Schmidt

Missionaries—Nathanael and Nicole Sommers, Missionary Disciples, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Board Member—Rev. Dr. Robert Lang’at (Kenya)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Gabriel Searl (2015), Uganda, Brady/Alicia Searl

Missionary—Carol Spears, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Anna Verne Lee
MK/Support Staff Kid—Sadie Searls (1997), Hungary, Dan/Katy Beth Searls

Missionaries—Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel, Community Health and Development, Honduras
Support Staff Retirees—Stan and Carolyn Lewis
MK/Support Staff Kid—Abigail Searls (1998), Hungary, Dan/Katy Beth Searls

Missionaries—John and Linda Spriegel, Community Health and Development and Medical, Kenya
Support Staff—Brent Lindvall
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hannah Sleeth (2016), Kenya, Clark/Valerie Sleeth

Missionaries—Jeff and Christine Stanfield, Education and Support Ministries, Uganda
Support Staff—Margo Lipetri
MK/Support Staff Kid—Nick Solheim (1997), University of Northwestern–St. Paul, Honduras, Steve/Kelly Solheim

Missionaries—Jon and Vera Steury, Support Ministries, Africa
Support Staff—Adam Lorenz
MK/Support Staff Kid—Max Spetnagel (2013), Honduras, Tim/Aleyda Spetnagel

Missionaries—David and Cathlene Strong, Church and Support Ministries, Peru
Board Member—Dr. Nathan Lowe (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucas Spetnagel (2016), Honduras, Tim/Aleyda Spetnagel

Missionary—Rachel Stull, Missionary Disciple, Argentina
Support Staff—Shelly McCollum
MK/Support Staff Kid—Joel Spriegel (1998), Kenya, John/Linda Spriegel

Missionaries—Pray that more missionaries will partner with WGM in the Great Commission.
Support Staff—Marlene McGrady
MK/Support Staff Kid—Jayden Tejeda (2008), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, Gerson/Betsy Tejeda