July 2017 Prayer Calendar

With this prayer calendar, your prayers will touch every WGM missionary, missionary kid, retiree, support staff member, and more! Visit the prayer calendar every day or click the Printer friendly link and print out that month. You can also request a printed copy of the entire year. Thank you for your partnership in the Great Commission through your prayers.

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July Prayer Calendar

Missionaries—Bill and Lydia Allshouse, Church and Support Ministries, Mexico
Support Staff Retiree—Frank Wegman
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lydia Bemm (2000), United States, Chuck/Amy Bemm

Missionaries—Randy and Chris Amberman, Church Ministries, American Indian Field
Board Member—Cheryl Weimer (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hannah Bemm (2006), United States, Chuck/Amy Bemm

Missionaries—LeRoy and Sandy Anderson, Support Ministries, American Indian Field
Support Staff Retiree—Kay Young
MK/Support Staff Kid—Shadrack Bemm (2009), United States, Chuck/Amy Bemm

Missionaries—Darin and Laura Arnott, Missionary Disciples, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Tommy Anderson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Elizabeth Bemm (2010), United States, Chuck/Amy Bemm

Retiree—Richard (Doris) Adkins, Tanzania
Support Staff—Sherry Andes
MK/Support Staff Kid—Esther Bemm (2010), United States, Chuck/Amy Bemm

Retirees—Grace Anderson, Derrell and Ruth Hyde; American Indian Field
Student Cabinet—Asbury University (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Hannah Birkey (2015), American Indian Field, Jon and Lindsay Birkey

Missionaries—Pray for Africa Gospel Church missionaries.
Support Staff—Sherry Atkinson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Isaiah Black (2006), Support Staff, Tim/Kim Black

Missionary—Mike Banks, Support Ministries, North America
Board Member—Jeannie Banter (Kentucky)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Adalena Black (2007), Support Staff, Tim/Kim Black

Missionary—Emily Barlow, Education, Bolivia
Support Staff Retiree—Ruthie Bassett
MK/Support Staff Kid—Olivia Black (2010), Support Staff, Tim/Kim Black

Missionaries—Ethan and Ashley Batschelet, Children and Youth and Education, Honduras
Support Staff Retiree—Joyce Benbow
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucas Bowen (2005), Paraguay, Andy/Lizet Bowen

Missionaries—Chuck and Amy Bemm, Medical, United States
Support Staff—Cheryl Bishir
MK/Support Staff Kid—Timothy Bowen (2006), Paraguay, Andy/Lizet Bowen

Missionary—Jennifer Bennett, Medical, Kenya
Support Staff—Kim Black
MK/Support Staff Kid—Joseph Bowen (2011), Paraguay, Andy/Lizet Bowen

Missionaries—Jon and Lindsay Birkey, Children and Youth, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Bill Bucher
MK/Support Staff Kid—Denis Brower (2005), Ukraine, Bill/Oksana Brower

Missionaries—Andy and Lizet Bowen, Church Ministries and Education, Paraguay
Support Staff—Kim Burke
MK/Support Staff Kid—Eva Brown (1998), Calvin College, Bolivia, Mike/Donna Brown

Missionaries—Bill and Oksana Brower, Children and Youth, Ukraine
Support Staff—Bob Bushong
MK/Support Staff Kid—Emily Burke (2005), Support Staff, Sandy/Kim Burke

Missionaries—Michael and Donna Brown, Church Ministries and Education, Bolivia
Support Staff Retiree—Burnis Bushong
MK/Support Staff Kid—Pray for a missionary kid of your choosing.

Missionary—Heidi Buell, Missionary Disciple, Honduras
Support Staff—Peggy Bushong
MK/Support Staff Kid—Ava Rinehimer (2013), Support Staff, John/Erica Rinehimer

Missionary—Weadette Burge, Church Ministries, Paraguay
Support Staff—Deb Carter
MK/Support Staff Kid—Elsie Jayne Coppedge (2007), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge

Missionaries—Steve and Alene Burgert, Evangelism and Medical, Kenya
Board Member—Dr. Doug Carter (Georgia)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lucy Mae Coppedge (2009), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge

Missionaries—Remember missionaries serving in sensitive areas.
Support Staff Retiree—Noritta Carter
MK/Support Staff Kid—Sophie Coppedge (2011), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge

Missionary—Nancy Butler, Children and Youth, American Indian Field
Support Staff Retiree—Janet Colyer
MK/Support Staff Kid—Chloe Coppedge (2011), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge

Retirees—Richard and Barbara Barker, Japan
Board Member—Rev. James Coulston (Indiana)
MK/Support Staff Kid—William Coppedge (2015), United Kingdom, Billy/Joanna Coppedge

Retirees—Harvey and Cookie Bennett, Treasure Berens; Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Support Staff—John Rinehimer
MK/Support Staff Kid—Lift up new missionary kids who have been born this year. 

Retirees—Dennis and Dolly Bowerman, American Indian Field
Support Staff—Lee and Paula Crist
MK/Support Staff Kid—Please pray for the Lord’s guidance as graduates make plans for the future.

Retirees—Hal and Ruthan Burchel, Kenya
Support Staff Retiree—Theatta Culbertson
MK/Support Staff Kid—Elizabeth Crognale (2001), Kenya, Dino/Janice Crognale

Missionary—Angela Caffrey, Missionary Disciple, Kenya
Board Member—David Curtis (Oregon)
MK/Support Staff Kid—Isabella Crognale (2005), Kenya, Dino/Janice Crognale

Missionaries—Larry and Sharon Carr, Church and Support Ministries, Paraguay
Support Staff Retiree—Bill Degenkolb
MK/Support Staff Kid—Benjamin Crognale (2010), Kenya, Dino/Janice Crognale

Missionaries—Steve and Debbie Cartwright, Church and Support Ministries, American Indian Field
Support Staff Retirees—Dale and Glenna Dorothy
MK/Support Staff Kid—Andrés Donahue (1998), Asbury University, Paraguay, Mark/Beverly Donahue

Missionary—Shelley Chapman, Education, Africa Region
Support Staff—James Ballard
MK/Support Staff Kid—Kristin Dubois (2000), Support Staff, Kyle/Tracy Dubois

Missionary—Andrea Cooper, Education, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries
Support Staff—Tracy Dubois
MK/Support Staff Kid—Kody Dubois (2002), Support Staff, Kyle/Tracy Dubois

Missionaries—Pray that God will call more missionaries into His harvest field.
Support Staff—Rachel Elwood
MK/Support Staff Kid—Peter Dul (2010), Hungary, Meg/Gabor Dul