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World Gospel Mission

September 2018 Prayer Calendar

Your prayers will touch every missionary, missionary kid, retiree, support staff member, and more! We'll post a new list of names each month, and you can also request a copy of the entire year. Thank you for partnering in the Great Commission through your prayers.


MissionariesTerry and Colleen Hawk, Regional Directors, The Caribbean, Central and North America, and Mexico

Support Staff Retirees—Stan and Carolyn Lewis

MK/Support Staff Kid—Caleb Horn (2012), Kenya, Eli/Krista Horn



MissionaryEmily Henry, Children and Youth, American Indian Field

Support Staff—Brent Lindvall

MK/Support Staff Kid—Kai Horn (2013), Kenya, Eli/Krista Horn



MissionaryApril Hershberger, Orphan Care, Kenya

Support Staff—Margo Lipetri

MK/Support Staff Kid—Asa Horn (2015), Kenya, Eli/Krista Horn



MissionariesAdhanom and Helen Hidug, Community Health and Development, South Sudan

Support Staff—MaKayla Barrantes

MK/Support Staff Kid—Chamnab Romdenh (2016), Cambodia, Titus/Jewel Romdenh



MissionaryAmanda Hoogkamp, University Student Outreach, Bolivia

Board Member—Dr. Nathan Lowe (Indiana)

MK/Support Staff Kid—Sophear Romdenh (2014), Cambodia, Titus/Jewel Romdenh



MissionariesKenneth and Delight Hopson, Printing and Education, Uganda

Support Staff—Shelly McCollum

MK/Support Staff Kid—Carson Jacobs (1998), Taylor University, Kenya, Dan Jacobs



MissionariesEli and Krista Horn, Medical, Kenya

Support Staff—Marlene McGrady

MK/Support Staff Kid—Hope Karuitha Jacobs (2012), Kenya, Dan Jacobs



Retiree—Rhonda Harmless, Honduras

Support Staff—Ned McGrady

MK/Support Staff Kid—Cameron Jenkins (2004), Papua New Guinea, Benji/Erica Jenkins



Retiree—Esther Hoffman, Burundi

Support Staff—Micah Metz

MK/Support Staff Kid—Mark Jenkins (2004), Papua New Guinea, Benji/Erica Jenkins



Missionaries—Please pray for missionaries serving in sensitive areas.

Support Staff Retiree—Peggy Miller

MK/Support Staff Kid—Chloe Jenkins (2006), Papua New Guinea, Benji/Erica Jenkins



MissionaryDan Jacobs, Orphan Care, Kenya

Support Staff—Edgar Molina

MK/Support Staff Kid—Henry Jenkins (2008), Papua New Guinea, Benji/Erica Jenkins


MissionariesBenji and Erica Jenkins, Field Leadership and Pastoral Training, Papua New Guinea

Support Staff—Mark Moore

MK/Support Staff Kid—Joseph Johnson (2000), Papua New Guinea, Jim/Becka Johnson



MissionariesButch and Leatha Jenkins, Church Planting, Papua New Guinea

Support Staff—Twila Moore

MK/Support Staff Kid—Ryan Johnson (2004), Papua New Guinea, Jim/Becka Johnson



MissionariesJim and Becka Johnson, Maintenance and Bible Storytelling, Papua New Guinea

Board Member—Dr. Bruce Moyer (Indiana)

MK/Support Staff Kid—Sophia Johnson (2001), Support Staff, Aaron/Amy Johnson



MissionariesMichael and Kay Johnson, Medical, North America

Board Member—Dr. John Neihof, Jr. (Mississippi)

MK/Support Staff Kid—Isabelle Johnson (2003), Support Staff, Aaron/Amy Johnson



Retirees—Dennis and Twana Johnson, Mexico

Student Cabinet—Ohio Christian University (Ohio)

MK/Support Staff Kid—Maia Johnson (2009), Support Staff, Aaron/Amy Johnson



MissionariesChristian and Kelli Jones, Evangelism and Discipleship, Argentina

Support Staff—Laura Winningham

MK/Support Staff Kid—Lilyana Johnson (2011), Support Staff, Aaron/Amy Johnson



Retirees—O.E. and Mariam Joseph, Kenya

Board Member—Mr. Bobby Peed (Georgia)

MK/Support Staff Kid—William Johnson (2014), Support Staff, Payton/Sheila Johnson



Missionaries—Pray for Japanese missionaries serving with Immanuel General Mission.

Board Member—Rev. Jorge Pinto (Honduras)

MK/Support Staff Kid—Jonathan Kunkle (1999), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, John/Priscilla Kunkle



MissionaryCameron King, Medical, Kenya

MK/Support Staff Kid—Tianna Kunkle (2001), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, John/Priscilla Kunkle



MissionaryMinda Kleman, Church Ministries, Honduras

Support Staff—Tim Rickel

MK/Support Staff Kid—Anthony Kunkle (2005), Texas/Mexico Border Ministries, John/Priscilla Kunkle


MissionariesBrandon and Izumi Kuba, Church Ministries, Japan

Support Staff—John Rinehimer

MK/Support Staff Kid—Josiah Kushman (2013), Hispanic Ministries USA, Brian/Paula Kushman



MissionariesJohn and Priscilla Kunkle, Education and Finances, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries

Board Member—Dr. Isaac Saoshiro (Japan)

MK/Support Staff Kid—Samuel Landerholm (2014), Hungary, Mark/Eszti Landerholm



MissionaryNina Kunkle, Church and Medical, Bolivia

Support Staff—Dan Schafer

MK/Support Staff Kid—Nathan Landerholm (2017), Hungary, Mark/Eszti Landerholm



MissionariesBrian and Paula Kushman, Church Ministries and Theological Education, Hispanic Ministries USA

Support Staff—Pat Sebree

MK/Support Staff Kid—Nathaniel Molina (2018), Support Staff, Edgar/Jessica Molina



Retirees—Karen Kornmiller, Joyce (Richard) Pavlik; American Indian Field

Support Staff—Debbie Shephard

MK/Support Staff Kid—Lily Rae Birkey (2018), American Indian Field, Jon/Lindsay Birkey



Retirees—Joe and Ellen Kunkle, American Indian Field

Support Staff—Bob Bushong

MK/Support Staff Kid—William Manchester (2001), Kenya, Stephen/Theresa Manchester



MissionariesRick and Lori Lampen, Compassionate Ministries, Bolivia

Support Staff Retiree—Nancy Shuman

MK/Support Staff Kid—Evelyn Many (2004), Kenya, Heath/Angela Many



MissionaryKrista Landaas, Children and Youth and Music, American Indian Field

Board Member—Mrs. Jennifer Siebenthaler (Kentucky)

MK/Support Staff Kid—Mary Taylor Many (2007), Kenya, Heath/Angela Many



MissionariesMark and Eszti Landerholm, Compassionate Ministries and Discipleship, Hungary

Support Staff—Jim Smith

MK/Support Staff Kid—Sarah Margaron (2002), The Center (California), Bob/Lisa Margaron