Teaching English as a Second Language in Peru

“Can you teach me English?” Whether they are hailing a taxi or buying groceries at the local market, WGM missionaries catch the curiosity of Peruvians with their skin color, accent, and Spanish-speaking skills. This simple question starts a conversation that opens a door to introduce people to Christ.

Teaching English as a Second Language has become an outlet for sharing the gospel around the world, and the same is true in Peru. Learning English is a dream for most Peruvians, and for those in the working sector, the skill equals more money.

National taxi drivers are an example of how English can change lives in Peru. For a taxi driver, learning English means an increase in income for his family. Speaking English makes him more competitive in the tourist trade because he can help native English speakers when they visit Peru. The majority of taxi drivers and other Peruvian workers are also on the job seven days a week, so they don’t have time to go to church or cannot justify taking the time off to go. English classes enable Peruvian workers to learn about Jesus while providing for their families.

“While riding in a taxi, we have five to 10 minutes to plant a seed and tell the driver there’s something out there that’s real for them,” missionary Cathlene Strong shared. “Peruvians’ curiosity about who we are and what we’re doing in Peru allows us to share with them.”

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