World Go! Manual

The Discipline of Partnership
Your partnership in missions helps dreams come true.
By Rachel Elwood, Staff Writer
April 17, 2012

It’s taken a team effort to make a dream come true for Vidal and Socorro.

A devastating flood destroyed Vidal and Socorro’s house near Choluteca, Honduras, in October 2011. They were forced to live temporarily at Shalom Church, WGM’s partner church in the area, until they scrounged together bits and pieces of sticks and tin to construct a makeshift house. Even though their living conditions were deplorable, they continued to be active in the church and community.

In March, the family moved into their new home. Shalom Church; missionaries Larry and Angie Overholt, Tim Spetnagel, and Mark and Melanie Miller; and a work team from the Indian Springs Holiness Camp in Georgia  worked together to make it happen.

“This family is already and will continue to be a source of love and support to others in their neighborhood,” said Melanie. “That is in their heart and the motivation of all they do.”

It’s hard to overlook the references in the Bible to the Body of Christ being a team—a body of active parts that work together to glorify Jesus Christ. According to the World Go! Manual, partnering is one of the characteristics of missions-active Christians. With missions, the importance of being able to partner with others to work toward the common cause of knowing Jesus and making Him known becomes even more crucial.

“If spiritual teamwork is challenging for you, missionary work—which takes teamwork to a whole new level—is just what the doctor ordered!”

The Partner chapter of the World Go! Manual discusses the many joys and challenges of teamwork and partnership. You’ll be encouraged to reach outside yourself, lean on the strength of God, and work together with others in the Great Commission.