World Go! Manual

The Discipline of Prayer
By Rachel Elwood, Staff Writer
January 11, 2012

Sonia didn’t realize that when she walked into King of Kings Church’s prayer meeting on Thursday night in Cusco, Peru, she would leave as a follower of Jesus Christ. Prayer was the purpose that brought that group of believers together, and it drew Sonia into the presence of Jesus for the first time.

Prayer is widely understood to be a huge part of a Christian’s spiritual life. Regular communication with God is essential for personal growth and development of a soul-deep relationship with the Father.

Missionary prayer, however, goes to a whole new level. Along with witness, serve, love, give, partner, endure, plant, and teach, the World Go! Manual calls prayer “one of the disciplines of a missions-active Christian.”

“Missionary prayer is invoking God at the most powerful and elemental level, asking Him for the gift of Himself, and the transformation of a human soul.”

Through a simple study section and powerful action steps, the Pray chapter of the World Go! Manual will challenge you to take a more intense look at what God wants to do through you with prayer.

With her newfound faith in Jesus, Sonia’s salvation is the result of many layers of prayer—prayers of the church for new attendees, prayers of the missionaries for opportunities to share Jesus, and prayers of the missionaries’ support teams in the U.S. People who may never meet Sonia in this life had a part in leading her to Christ—because of prayer.