New This Week: March 23, 2017

Celebrate with us the victories God has bestowed on WGM and the blessings He continues to shower down as we walk in obedience to Him. Here’s what’s new on

Go WGM! WGM is more than missionaries, fields, institutions, or even a rich heritage. We’re all about people whose lives are being transformed by God’s power. For 107 years, WGM has faithfully carried out the call that God has placed upon it. In 2016, WGM saw God move in amazing ways. Catch the “Mission and Vision” in the 2016 Annual Report!

Go, Team! Whether by participating, coaching, or supporting loved ones, people around the world find community through sports. Several WGM missionaries are using sports as a form of outreach to connect with the communities around them. Learn more about how sports are being used as an evangelism tool in Albania and Peru and on the Texas/Mexico border.

Go Clair! Pastor, teacher, worship leader, scholar. Throughout his years as a missionary, Clair Lund (1930-2017) was willing to dive into whatever ministry God had for him. That willingness culminated in 37 years of service on the American Indian Field.

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P.S. In this week’s Recent Blog Posts, Kevin and Becky Zirkle share about WGM’s vision to double its impact, and you’re invited to tune in to Dr. Dan Schafer’s special radio broadcast.

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