New This Week: June 15, 2017

This weekend, in between hugging and loving the dads in your life, take a look at what’s new on

Sprout. The desert doesn’t have many sprouts, but summer Bible camps at Southwest Indian Ministries Center on the American Indian Field sure do. These camps give an opportunity to share the gospel through tons of summer activities. When kids decide to follow Jesus at camp, new disciples begin to sprout!

Pray. As we pray for Muslims during this month of Ramadan, we must find ways to dive into the why, the what, and the how in order to better understand our differences and their culture. Sign up for daily Ramadan Challenge prayer reminders, and check out this prayer resource from We are called to love all people, and in order to do that and pray, we must first understand.

Impact. Impact: Embracing the Future is the theme of this year’s reformatted World Gospel Mission field directors’ retreat. This week’s sessions include times for worship, fellowship, and training as field leaders, missionaries, and support staff members join together to help WGM double its impact in the world for Christ. Learn how you can make an “impact” through your prayers.

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P.S. There’s still time to partner with Radio Lumière to help replace a roof damaged by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Your gift today will keep this station on the air, spreading God’s light across Haiti and around the world.

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