New This Week: October 5, 2017

What does a bomb from WWII, a prayer calendar, and a children’s camping and workshop ministry have in common? They are all new stories on—and they will all give you a new glimpse into God’s heart for people. Read on!   
The 4-14 Movement: Teaching Children a Biblical View in Honduras. What’s God’s view of the arts, government, or science? The global 4/14 Window Movement (known as Generación 4/14 in Honduras) is helping kids ages 4 to 14 in Honduras understand how all aspects of life can reflect God.
Best of the Story: The Unexploded Bomb. Have you ever had a moment of realization that God is working around you in ways that take you by surprise, or even shock you? A young Japanese believer, fighting as a soldier during WWII, was stopped short by God’s grace—and it changed his life. 
Pray Without Ceasing. The October Prayer Calendar is live, giving you a practical way to daily make an impact on your knees for a missionary, support staff worker, and missionary kid (or child of a support staff worker). This prayer support is vital—and we need you! 
Happy surfing!
WGM Web Team
PS: Did you know a dummy named Lazarus is part of a strategic plan to help inform kids as well as adults about missions work in Uganda that is changing lives? Check out this recent blog post!

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