New This Week: August 10, 2017

This week’s fresh content on is all about empowering people to live for Christ and encouraging them not to settle for anything less than His best for them. FYI: There will be no Discover Missions on August 17 or August 24, so we’ll meet you back here on August 31!

Building Disciples in PNG. In a culture where oral learning is preferred, the use of solar-powered audio devices—called Envoys—is helping to communicate the Word of God in a way that connects with the hearts of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Changing Lives in Stockton. Kids growing up in south Stockton, California, are often raised in dysfunctional, generational gang families and are repeatedly told: the gang is your family, and no one else cares about you. Marcos chose a different path.

Developing Leaders in Africa. Authentic and effective Christian leaders are needed in every sector of African society. The goal of the Leadership Development for Africa Program is to see new leaders emerge and take their places in government, NGOs, business, the media, schools and universities, hospitals, counseling centers, churches, etc. Learn how you can partner with the program, helping to provide effective and unifying Christian leadership throughout Africa.

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P.S. In this week’s Recent Blog Posts, Bill and Lydia Allshouse share an amazing photo and details about a baptism service involving 16 people in Mexico! Volunteer to Kenya Grace Williams also reminds us to relax and trust, whether we’re dancing or just living life.

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