National Refugee Sunday

November 2, 2017

According to World Vision, the founding organization behind National Refugee Sunday, 1 out of every 113 people is a refugee. Over 65 million people are displaced from their homes, fleeing violence, loss, and poverty. This current refugee crisis spans countries and continents. WGM has paired with local churches, agencies, and organizations to connect with incoming refugees.

Biblical Foundation

Despite opposition in some churches, there is a strong biblical precedent for providing relief and a safe haven for refugees. Deuteronomy 10:18–19 speaks of the Lord who gives justice to the fatherless and widow, who loves the sojourner and gives him food and clothing, and who reminds the Israelites that they were once standing in the dust and mud where refugees stand now. 

Christ himself was a refugee from Herod’s reign, Mary and Joseph having journeyed between 70 and 90 miles on foot and by donkey to Nazareth. He is no stranger to being out of place or to having a reputation attached to him just because of where He hailed from. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?,” were the first words one of his disciples (Nathanael) spoke about Jesus, because the son of God coming from a small, backwoods town was unthinkable to him (John 1:46a NLT).

WGM and Refugees

From providing much-needed supplies for incoming refugees to just providing a listening ear and counseling, WGM missionaries are working in a number of locations alongside national workers.

  • They provide trauma and grief counseling in Uganda, where ethnic and tribal conflicts have driven hundreds of thousands of people from their native lands and homes, bringing the peace that only the Father can provide. 
  • Work in the Middle East is a constant risk, but the Lord is faithful and provides open doors, connections, and willing hearts for the needs that arise. WGM provides leadership training and mentoring for local outreach workers, giving them the practice and guidance they need to train up their own workers and share the light in their own streets. 
  • Refugees living in Spain from the Middle East and North Africa are welcomed by the Arabic-speaking church and cultural centers that provide the close-knit community they were forced to leave. Focusing first on interpersonal relationships before the gospel outreach, WGM and local churches provide educational opportunities, employment, and youth groups to help bring once-shattered lives back together.

Partner with Refugee Outreach

GiveGIVE: Help provide a piece of their former lives to refugees in Spain. Learn more here.   


PRAY: The most pressing need in all fields at this time is for native language speakers who are  willing to reach out and help. Support to help train these native workers, supplies and necessities to distribute, and above all, fervent prayer are the most urgent needs for the refugees, coupled with willing, peaceful hands to comfort them.

GoGO: Experience the outreach for yourself through Journey 10.40 with WGM, walking alongside workers in three countries.