Cross-Cultural Missionary Training Center in Argentina

God is calling missionaries from Latin American countries to serve Him on the mission field. However, few institutions exist to give them adequate preparation for their mission fields, which often include dangerous, restricted-access countries.

The Cross-Cultural Missionary Training Center (CCMT), located in Argentina, trains Latin Americans to serve as missionaries. The program began in 1995 to offer a cross-cultural, practical education to people who wanted to minister to groups who spoke another language and had an unfamiliar culture. Prior to this, Latin Americans were not receiving the cross-cultural training needed before entering the mission field. The school has had a part in training the first and second generation of Latin American missionaries and is the oldest school of its kind in the region. 

Missionary Training

The training program lasts for seven months and has a holistic approach, using theory, character formation, and practice. The students participate in formal classes, informal interactions by living in community, and an apprenticeship training experience. 

The students are in charge of their living community with a different student leading each week. The school focuses heavily on a “team approach,” because interpersonal issues are common on the mission field, particularly in multicultural teams.

Another important component of the training is an immersive English-language learning experience. It is important for students to learn to speak English, because most of them will go on to serve on multicultural missionary teams where English is the primary language. For two weeks, students live in a “village” where everyone speaks English for a significant portion of the day. Trainers from Canada and the United States assist students and staff members to improve their English-language skills.

All faculty are part time with professors holding courses for one week. The formal training lasts for four months, and all students must participate in a cross-cultural immersion for three months.

Expanding the Scope

The school is adding a master’s degree in missions mobilization with the goal of helping local churches in Latin America to become active in missions. Two students are currently pursuing a master’s in member health and one is pursuing a master’s in biblical values and character formation. The school is also beginning to offer some classes online with hopes of expanding that venue of education in the future. Thanks to the training at the school, students are prepared to serve in difficult situations and among people whose customs and backgrounds differ from their own. They are able to face adversity in all areas because of the formational experience that the training school offers.


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