Church Ministries in the Middle East

The goal of church ministries is to establish and develop churches worldwide. In the Middle East, where Christians and churches are not prevalent, WGM missionaries mainly work to establish churches. These missionaries focus on evangelism and early discipleship among people groups who live where there are no existing churches—what we would call unreached people groups.

Because of the small number of believers in these locations, missionaries cannot advertise churches and church activities as other locations allow. This is partially because established churches do not exist. It is also because such strategies would certainly result in persecution. So, those spreading the gospel in the Middle East take a one-one-one, small-scale approach of telling others about the gospel and establishing Christian communities.

In Jordan, where there is a historical church, Christians only make up about 6 percent of the total population. However, church ministries can take on a more direct role. One Nazarene church runs a center for Iraqi refugees who are not allowed to work because of their refugee status. These refugees are often educated, living off resources they built up before they left Iraq. However, the skills they have may not serve them in their new location unless they add to them. The church provides English classes and other concentrated courses in computer skills or the other specialties of those working at the center. These skills can help the refugees integrate into their new society. The courses also provide them with something to do, as spending days at home without a job can become depressing.

Partner with Church Ministries in the Middle East

GoGO: The refugee center needs temporary teams to teach specialized courses or Volunteers In Action participants to teach English for a longer term. Are you interested in serving in the Middle East? Find out more about available ministry opportunities in that region.

PrayPRAY: The efforts of the established church covet your fervent prayers. Pray that the established church will grow in the Middle East and that it will become established among unreached peoples. Pray also for the workers in the Middle East as they carry out a unique and sometimes dangerous mission. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those in unreached areas to receive the gospel and for safety for missionaries and new Christians.