Church Ministries in Mexico

In Mexico, there is a huge population shift to the cities. With the formation of new communities, many cities are left without an evangelical church or even an evangelical Christian who testifies of God’s love. And although the people of Mexico are highly religious, less than 1 percent of the population in Central Mexico is evangelical Christian.

The time to act is now! More missionaries, pastors, and lay leaders are desperately needed in Mexico. Join the national church and lay leaders in reaching Mexico for Christ through theological education and missions.

Theological Education: Theological education is greatly needed throughout the national church of Mexico. Currently, Theological Education by Extension programs are being used to teach and train lay leaders and pastoral candidates and to teach basic Christian beliefs through discipleship and Sunday School classes. The programs are designed to take Bible classes to pastors and church leaders where they live, giving these men and women the opportunity to continue their educations. Institute of Theology by Extension is a more in-depth theological program that is also available to church members. INSTE focuses on ministry training and leadership development.

Camping Ministries: For many Christians, church camp holds a special place in their hearts as the location where they accepted Christ as their personal Savior. The national church wants to give the children and youth of Mexico that same opportunity through El Tunal Campground. The facilities are currently being transformed from a minimal usage camp to a year-round, multipurpose facility for retreats, trainings, youth camps, and community rentals.

AMSLA: Mexico has become a receiving nation for missionaries serving through AMSLA (the Latin American Holiness Missionary Agency), a sister organization of WGM. Together, we are making a difference for Christ in Mexico. Won’t you join us?

A church is more than a building—it’s about building relationships and changing the future of a community.