Adult and Family Ministries: Strengthening Families in Mexico

As in most industrialized countries, in Mexico both parents often work outside the home. Many parents struggle to cope with balancing work with family obligations and providing stability for their children. Traditionally, the family is extremely important to Mexicans, but the stress of working long hours can cause fractures in even the strongest marriages. 

The Church Responds

The national church recognizes the need to encourage husbands and wives to carve out time for each other. Marriage retreats and classes on marriage and family are held throughout the year for couples in churches, and church leaders hope to add more events like this. 

A Marriage Transformed

A couple came to the church seeking God, and they approached the pastor for help with their relationship. Their marriage was failing, and they were at the end of their ropeā€”even planning that week to get a divorce. The pastor and his wife prayed with them that day and continued to pray during the following week.  Even though the divorce process had begun, there was a mix-up in the paperwork and they were not able to finalize the divorce papers that week. The pastor and his wife reached out to the couple and set up times for Bible study and fellowship. Next, they invited the couple to a marriage retreat. Slowly but surely, the couple allowed God to work in their lives and restore their relationship. Eventually, they reunited and even renewed their vows. They have become active in the church and in their spheres of influence.  

“God is reconciling marriages and families through the power of His love,” said Bill Allshouse, field director for WGM Mexico. 

Partner with Adult and Family Ministries in Mexico

GoGO: Mexican pastors have many responsibilities and are not always trained in marriage counseling. Volunteers or full-time partners are needed to train pastors in counseling, leading marriage retreats, and teaching classes about marriage and the family. There is also opportunity for qualified volunteers to serve on short-term trips (fluency in Spanish is necessary) to present seminars on marriage and the family. Contact for more information.

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