Healing More Than Bones: David and Pam Pitcher

May 11, 2017

David Pitcher, an orthopaedic surgeon, and his wife, Pam, look forward to starting a new chapter in their lives as missionary disciples at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya.

Why Do You Serve?

I (David) have taken numerous short-term medical missions trips throughout my career, and Pam has gone on many of these as well. On one mission in the Upper Amazon Basin, I treated a baby with an ear infection—nothing to do with orthopaedics—in the middle of the night on a crowded 12-hour boat ride. Other members of the team prayed for passengers and shared the gospel. Days later, three men from farther up the river sought our team, insisting that we accompany them another six hours up the river. It turns out that the baby was the village chief’s daughter and she had been healed. The chief wanted his entire village of 300 people to be given medical help. While two of us saw all the people, the rest of the team shared the gospel.

Two years later, we returned to the village. During the years that had passed, the village teenagers had gone up and down the river valley to neighboring villages, sharing the gospel themselves and changing lives for Jesus. We were thrilled to have been a part of sparking that movement of the Holy Spirit!

We decided that full-time ministry would be very fulfilling and accepted an invitation to attend a Mobilizing Medical Missions conference, where we heard about Tenwek Hospital. We spent three weeks at Tenwek and found that patients were accepting Christ while being treated for their orthopaedic problems. We decided together that we could make a real difference training young Kenyan doctors to become orthopaedic surgeons in their own country, witnessing to them about the compassion of Jesus. 

Where Will You Serve?

Tenwek Hospital, located in Bomet, Kenya, is a ministry of World Gospel Mission and Africa Gospel Church. The hospital, which started as a single-nurse dispensary in 1937, is now a 300-bed hospital and training center. In addition to being the area’s primary hospital, Tenwek serves as a referral hospital and major medical training facility that receives patients from throughout the country. 

What Will You Do?

We both love to share the love of Jesus with others.

David: I plan on helping to train orthopaedic surgery residents at Tenwek Hospital who, in turn, will stay in Kenya and help treat the orthopaedic surgery needs of the Kenyan people.

Pam: I plan on helping the physical therapist provide equipment, such as wheelchairs, to impaired children who otherwise would never be able to get above ground level, bringing an interaction into their lives. I also plan on helping with outreach to women’s and children’s clinics. 

Partner with David and Pam

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Connect with AngelaMORE: Follow David and Pam’s adventures on Facebook at Pitchers in Kenya. Outside of orthopaedics, David is a student of Greek studies and often writes for The Jerusalem Channel, a Christian Broadcasting Network affiliate in Jerusalem.