Mango Ministries in South Sudan

“He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers” (Psalm 1:3 NASB).

Mango Ministries is a new initiative in South Sudan with the vision of getting “Sudanese to know Jesus and see Him transform their lives.” The outreach was officially launched in August 2009 with the help of missionary Joy Phillips, who previously served in Kenya; fellow missionaries Billy and Joanna Coppedge, who have served in South Sudan and Uganda; and two Kenyans.

“Visiting Sudan and reading about how the war has affected the people was disturbing,” Joy shared. “The injustice, the poverty, the suffering are all staggering. We feel that God has given us gifts and talents to help. We can see what God must envision for the Sudanese—villages at peace with their neighbors, healthy children reaching their educational potential, abundant harvests and food for all, days of productivity for all able-bodied men and women, and vibrant churches where God’s Word is challenging and feeding people and the Body of Christ reaches those in need.”

Mango Ministries focuses on assisting mission hospitals, training church leaders, and promoting community health and development. The approach is community-based, dynamic, and participatory as multidisciplinary and multicultural teams are established to come alongside the South Sudanese and empower them to live with dignity and hope through Jesus Christ.

Team members concentrate on the areas of health, education, water, agriculture, church leadership, and income generation as they work with communities to identify problems and develop action plans to tackle the issues. “We will be there to facilitate the process and help offer training and input as requested,” Joy explained.

Partnerships with two mission hospitals in Werkok and Akot are underway. Ministries at Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok include agricultural teaching and Chronological Bible Storying while community health and development plans are evolving in Akot.

Pray for transformation in South Sudan!PRAY: Mango Ministries is a growing ministry. Please join the team in praying for more staff and that God’s hands will continue to develop this outreach for His glory. May communities be transformed in South Sudan through the putting down of roots, the bearing of fruit, and the multiplying of the harvest. Click Pray to view and print “Pray CHE,” a free prayer guide