Caring for Mamas and Babies in Uganda

June 8, 2017

“I know God cares about me and He answers my prayers.”

The young Ugandan woman pulled missionary Christine Stanfield aside at Jangu Omulise (Luganda for “Come Bloom”), an outreach of a partner organization that provides medical care and childbirth supplies to pregnant women and young mothers.

“You just have to know how much getting a Mama Kit [items needed for a safe, sterile delivery] has meant to me,” the woman said. “We found out we were going to have a child. We didn't know what to do, and I was near despair. We didn't even have two coins to rub together. A friend told me to come here on Tuesday and someone could help me. I have come to the lessons each week, and I received a Mama Kit. Now we have this beautiful baby girl, and we had a safe delivery because I received what was needed to carry to hospital. I really thank God for you volunteers and your love for us."

The outreach of Jangu Omulise includes fellowship, assessing health needs, opportunities to meet Jesus, and prayer. As a nurse, Christine checks blood pressures, gives general health advice, and prays for every request shared. She also regularly teaches a Bible lesson as well as gives health lessons (nutrition of newborns and infants, care of a newborn, recognizing high blood pressure in pregnancy and the signs of active labor, etc.).

One of the major helps volunteers provide are Mama Kits. In Uganda, mothers have to take their own delivery kit when they go to have their babies, because most of the public hospitals and clinics do not have the supplies to provide a safe delivery. These kits are literally saving the lives of mamas and babies.

"This ministry focuses on equipping women to rise from the darkest places into the light of Christ, ministering throughout a very low income community in Kampala,” said Christine. “We believe in preventing the next orphan by providing a healthy pregnancy and a safe birth for pregnant mamas.”

Partner with Jangu Omulise


PRAY: Pray that Jesus will continue to transform lives as His light shines in the dark places. Pray also that the women who come to know Jesus through this ministry will be agents of His transformation in their homes, families, communities, and nation.  

GoGO: Do you have a heart to help women in need in Uganda? Volunteers are welcome to serve with Christine and the other volunteers at Jangu Omulise. Contact for more information.


ACT: Are there vulnerable women and children in your community? Do some exploring to find ways you can share God’s love with them in practical ways.