Prayer Lifeline—January 16, 2018

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WGM covets your prayer support as we work together to fulfill the Great Commission…until the whole world hears!


Mexico: Bill and Lydia Allshouse praise God that seven students recently graduated from the Bible institute. Remember these pastors as they step out into their communities, committed to leading their families, friends, and neighbors to Jesus.

Paraguay: Last year, Andy Bowen traveled with a group to minister to three First Nations (Indian) communities—some of the least-reached people of Paraguay. In the past five years, many of these communities that were once closed to the gospel have begun opening up as the people are becoming disenchanted with their traditional religion and looking for lasting solutions to life’s challenges. Andy’s group held a karu guasu (feast) in each community to help bring reconciliation with God and to build upon partnerships that already exist to plant churches among these people. In each community, many responded to the gospel and put their faith in Christ. The group was also able to pray for the sick and saw a number of people miraculously healed. In two of the communities, the community chief was present and announced, unsolicited, that he was giving a piece of ground and some materials so a church could be built. Today, new believers in one First Nations community have reached out to another community with the good news, and the people have responded in faith! Remember these new believers as they grow in their faith and step out to share Christ’s love and salvation with their neighbors.

Uganda: WGM Uganda began offering Women’s Cycle of Life training in 2017 as part of its Community Health Empowerment outreach. One lady shared, “We are taught to identify and challenge the lies in our culture and replace them with biblical truth. We learn that we are created in the image of God and that He loves us.” What joy this simple truth is bringing to women when they learn they are His children and beloved in His eyes! Please pray for wisdom as the ministry selects additional facilitators on an area-by-area basis to expand the training to more local churches, lessening the travel involved for Ugandan women who desperately need to hear about God’s love for them.


CMS Workshop: A group of new and veteran missionaries is meeting at WGM headquarters this week (January 15–18) for training designed to help them tell their stories as they develop their ministry teams and travel on homeland ministry assignment. Pray that these workers will be able to comprehend and put into practice all the vital information they take in this week: Doug and Becky Darfus (American Indian Field), Julie Fiscus (Uganda), Lisa Fish (Uganda), Chrissy Greenwell (Mexico), Jessica Hogan (Honduras), Cameron King (Kenya), Amanda McCoy (Kenya), Jim and Mary Newman (North America), Barbara Pinkley (Kenya), Jeff and Christine Stanfield (Uganda), Shawn and Bethany Waugh (Papua New Guinea), and two missionaries serving in sensitive areas.

Orientation Camp: Orientation Camp will be held January 22–25 as the International Ministries team hosts new missionaries preparing to minister on their fields of service. Pray for open hearts, minds, and ears as these faithful servants learn about mentoring relationships and how to tell their stories, take Disciple Nations Alliance training, and brush up on WGM policies: Dean and Cheryl Cowles (Kenya), Kirby and Whitney McMunn (Czech Republic), Louise Ragan (Special Assignment), and workers serving in a sensitive area and Creative Access Asia.

Uganda: God continues to bring the nations to Heritage International School. As He longs to send out transformed students around the world to bring His transforming power to their communities, Josh and Kelly Hallahan believe Heritage can be a launchpad for the kingdom. Pray with Josh and Kelly that their eyes will be open to recognize when kids need an extra dose of love and support. Pray also that the students will leave Heritage knowing their worth in God and that they are chosen by Him, accepted in Him, and redeemed and forgiven through His blood.

Harvest Workers: Pray with us that the Lord will raise up more workers to spread His love around the globe. (If you or someone you know is interested in serving with WGM, contact

The Call Prayer Calendar (January 14–20): Pray that the more than 60,000 Syrian refugees who have been reached by John Raad and his team will find hope and eternal security in Jesus. (This request was taken from the latest issue of The Call, WGM’s official magazine.)

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