To Kids
“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12 NIV)

The Kids Helping Kids gift catalog is your chance to help kids your own age. It may seem a little hard at first, and you may say to yourself, “What can I do? I’m just a kid!” But don’t be scared. You can do it! Just grab an adult and follow the easy steps listed below. You’ll get to do a BIG thing for God and for others, and you’ll have lots of fun along the way. Together, we will send kids to church camp, feed hungry families, give babies medicine, buy school books and Bibles, and show people the love of Jesus. Let’s get started!

To Adults
Getting kids interested in missions isn’t always easy. They are usually more focused on social media, video games, sports, TV, or just being a kid. But one classic way to get them interested in something is to tell them about other kids. Stories about people their own age are definitely more exciting to them than the boring world of adults.

The Kids Helping Kids version of The Great Co-Mission Catalog was created for kids ages 8-12. Like the original catalog, it lists specific missions projects that people can donate to or help raise money for. However, this version shows kids the needs of other children in different cultures around the world and gives them the opportunity and ability to help.

Kids Helping Kids lets them pick what project they want to support and gives them ideas about how to promote their project among family and friends, allowing others to donate to their cause. Get the kids in your life active in missions today!


OnePick Your Project.

Flip through the catalog and find a project that stands out to you. If you like music, choose one that helps kids learn to play instruments. If you love sports, help a kid learn to play soccer. If you have a baby brother or sister, help feed orphans. You get the idea—pick a project that means something to you and then pray for the people you will be helping.

TwoBuild Your Team.

Want to make this a group effort? Get your family, friends, Sunday School class, sports team, or school on board. The more people who are interested in your project, the more money you can raise.

Example: Mark’s family has a big reunion every Thanksgiving. Before the reunion, Mark had his mom help him ask everyone to give a dollar to help kids in Kenya get mosquito nets over their beds so they don’t get malaria. Mark was excited that he was able to raise enough money for 12 nets! His mom donated the money online. (You can also send a check to World Gospel Mission at the address in step 4 if you don’t want to give online.)

ThreeSpread the Word.

Talk about your project at church, with your team, or at the dinner table. If you have adult permission, you can also promote your project on social media, using the friendly URL The more people you tell about your project, the better chance you have of reaching your goal.

Example: Sara’s family had a yard sale one day. She made a sign that said “Send an Orphan in Uganda to School. Goal: $144.” She decorated it with pictures of African children from a National Geographic magazine. She put a jar on the table where her mom sat and asked people to donate to her project when they came to pay for things from the yard sale. Guess what? Sara reached her goal!

FourDonate and Celebrate!

Ask an adult to help you give online, or use this order form to send in the money you’ve collected. Then, do something fun to celebrate completing your project. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from doing more projects as you complete earlier ones. Every project you do is a chance to make new friends and help those in need. The more you do, the more you’ll grow!

Make checks payable to World Gospel Mission and write the account number of your project on the memo line. Send check donations to:

World Gospel Mission
P.O. Box 948
Marion, IN 46952-0948

Still have questions? Contact World Gospel Mission at or 765.664.7331.

*All contributions designated for specific projects will be given to those projects. If we receive more donations for a project than are necessary, those funds will be applied to another similar need. We place utmost importance on your donations getting to the project you intend, but WGM has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.