THEME: World Go! Adventures


Hey, this is Gabe. Bethany and I just left our Middle Eastern friend and his pet camel. Now we have a long trip as we go to Haiti. Bethany told me Haiti is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

Before we take off, ask an adult to help you go to Click on the Listen Now button. You won’t believe it, but Radio Lumière 97.7 FM is in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but we can listen to it at home and in the airplane.

“Everything is in French or Creole, but I really like the beat of the songs,” Bethany said. “And listening to this station will help us on our next Top Secret Mission—looking for how people witness for God.”

Join Gabe and Bethany as they visit Radio Lumière in Haiti and learn how the radio station is truly spreading the light of Jesus in Haiti and around the world.