Go, Grow, Change: Sprout

Summer Bible Camps in Arizona

June 14, 2017

Have you ever seen a seed beginning to sprout? A tiny, green leaf, the very beginning of a stem, pushes up through the dirt. From above ground, it’s the first time we can see that a seed is turning into a plant.

In Mark 1, we see a different kind of sprout emerging. This sprout is ministry. By the Sea of Galilee, Jesus called His first disciples to follow Him. Brothers Simon and Andrew were fishing that day and never knew the long ministry they’d begin as they left their nets and followed Jesus. But they went right away. Mark tells it like this: 

“‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’ At once they left their nets and followed him” (Mark 1:17-18 NIV). 

By “fish for people,” Jesus meant spreading the gospel, continuing the ministry He was just beginning on earth.

Today, spreading the gospel sometimes looks less like fishing and more like swimming, jumping rope, playing sports, eating food with friends, and going to the zoo. Where does all this happen? It happens at Southwest Indian Ministries Center in Arizona, where WGM missionaries run summer Bible camps for Native American kids on the American Indian Field.

The deserts of Arizona don’t have many sprouts, but SIMC kids’ camps sure do. Campers get to participate in devotions, Bible lessons, and worship. You see, these fun camps help provide an opportunity to share the gospel amidst tons of summer activities. Lots of kids decide to follow Jesus at camp; in other words, new disciples begin to sprout!

New ministries also begin to sprout with LIT, or Leaders In Training camp. Here, middle schoolers and high schoolers learn leadership skills so they can impact their families, friends, and communities in the same way their summer camp leaders impacted them. In the future, they might get to help lead the camps where they learned about Jesus. He is making them fishers of men, too!

Thanks to God’s work through His helpers in Arizona, new ministries are popping up all over the place. Soon, these ministries will start to plant seeds that will also sprout new disciples. 

Go, Grow, Change


GO: Download this activity sheet to discover “sprout houses” and to learn how to create your own!


GROW: Memorize Mark 1:17-18.



CHANGE: Just like those involved in LIT camp, you can have a positive impact on people around you. Think of ways you can set a good example, and talk to others about Jesus!