THEME: World Go! Adventures

Middle East—Pray

“Camels. I just want to see a real live camel.”

Bethany rolled her eyes at her brother, Gabe, who was peering around the crowded market. Squinting in the bright sun, she adjusted her hat and said, “Gabe, you KNOW why we’re here! Don’t you remember our Top Secret Mission?”

Where in the world do you think our super sleuths Bethany and Gabe have landed? They are in a top secret location in the Middle East. This part of the world is where the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe meet. Over 400 million people live in 18 countries. Most people are Muslim, meaning they follow Islam as their religion. In some of these countries, people who are not Muslim are persecuted. Many Christians suffer for their faith in the Middle East. In some places, even having a church service is dangerous.