THEME: Special Life Milestones

Moving: Life without McDonald’s!

If you ask the kids in your life what their favorite restaurant is, the answer will probably depend on their age. Younger children will likely respond with McDonald’s or Chuck E. Cheese while teens may choose Starbucks or Buffalo Wild Wings.

For Jenn, Joe, and Ryan Johnson, whose family ministers in Papua New Guinea, McDonald’s is not an option.

In this kids’ curriculum piece, you’ll learn more about life in PNG from the Johnson kids. And, as impossible as it might sound to kids in America, the Johnsons also live without free WiFi!

After sharing the short study, pray for the Johnsons and all MKs living around the world as they share about Jesus while living in another culture. Then let the kids have some fun using the included letter template to send a letter and/or care package to an MK you know.