THEME: World Go! Adventures


Have you ever heard of the Hakone Ekiden? It is one of Japan’s biggest sporting events, featuring teams from 23 universities that run a 135-mile relay marathon that lasts two days. Ten runners from each team run about 13 miles each and then hand over the baton to the next runner.

“It’s all about endurance,” shared Holly Muehleisen, an American missionary serving in Japan. “The runners have worked hard to be ready for this race. They have physical strength and mental toughness to push through the pain.”

downloadDOWNLOAD: If you’re wondering, like Gabe, what endurance has to do with being a Christian, download or print this curriculum to join he and Bethany in Japan as they learn about endurance and focus on Hebrews 12.You’ll also want to print out the next piece of your World Go! map.