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Going to the Doctor: Shots Aren’t So Bad

Do you like going to the doctor? Even if it’s not your favorite thing to do, you know it’s important to make sure you and the kids in your life are healthy. In the States, we’re lucky to have great doctors and hospitals. In Kenya, most kids can’t go to a doctor because it’s too expensive or too far away.

At the Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre, babies and children up to age 3 are cared for by Kenyan nurses and missionary nurse practitioner Robyn Moore. In addition to weekly and monthly checkups, the kids are given shots so they don’t get diseases that could make them sick.

Learn how Nurse Robyn was also given the honor of naming a 15-month-old boy who was brought to the center after being found alone in a field. Spoiler alert: Richard John has since been adopted into his forever family.