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Less than 1 percent of Japanese claim to be Christian, and more than 80 percent seriously doubt that God exists. Japanese need to hear the gospel in a vital, relevant way to meet their desperate spiritual needs. Discover how you can help spread the truth in Japan through education, pastoral training, university, and youth ministries!

Causes and Ministry Opportunities

    Volunteer Missionary
Children and Youth Cause

Cause: Children and Youth

Youth Ministries Volunteer needed? Yes. Missionary needed? Yes
Church Ministries Cause

Cause: Church Ministries

• Immanuel General Mission    
Youth Ministry Workers Volunteer needed? Yes. Missionary needed? Yes
Education Cause

Cause: Education

Pastoral Training    
• Immanuel Bible Training College Volunteer needed? No Missionary needed? No
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Missionaries Serving in JapaN

Brandon KubaZach and Esther MottsHolly Muehleisen