Ministries to North African Immigrants in Spain

North African immigrants to Spain often come from rough backgrounds. Some have faced rejection and move to Spain only to find more rejection. These immigrants speak Arabic, and although they live in a Christian country, many have never met a Christian Arab. They have never heard about Jesus in their own language.

WGM is sending workers, both short- and long-term, to participate and support the ministries of a multicultural missionary team in Spain. The ministry is reaching out to these immigrants through an Arabic-speaking church and two cultural centers. Through these ministries, relationships are being built and the love of Christ is being shared.

Bike Club: The boys in town clamor to join the bike club, which gives missionaries the opportunity to interact with the boys while sharing biblical truths during a pre-ride pep talk. The bike club is incredibly popular, and if the center had three times as many bikes available, it would have three times as many children participating in the club. Through this unique ministry, seeds are being planted in the hearts of North African children. They are being taught values, and the misconceptions they have about God and Christianity are being corrected. Most importantly, the children are being shown that they are loved and cared about by others and by God. WGM Spain desires that these seeds grow and that the children remember what they’ve learned and take those truths back to their families.

Church Ministries: Missionaries run the only Arabic-speaking church in Spain, ministering to Moroccans, Algerians, Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, and Libyans. Each of these people groups comes to hear about and worship God in their own language. The church holds a prayer meeting and discipleship classes throughout the week. Members of the congregation feel that the church is their family, and new believers are taking on more responsibilities. They are discipling their own people, inviting friends to church, and sharing their faith enthusiastically.

Educational Ministries: Many immigrants need to acquire skills to make them more marketable when applying for jobs. At the two cultural centers, missionaries teach Spanish, English, and computer classes to North African women. The personal and professional skills the women gain help them find jobs to support themselves and their families. These classes are also helping to build relationships with the students and will ultimately lead the women finding the peace and fulfillment only Jesus can give.

Evangelism: Evangelism in Spain takes two paths—indirect through the cultural centers and direct through street evangelism. The cultural centers allow missionaries to build relationships with the immigrants and share about Christ in friendly environments. Through street evangelism, missionaries meet North Africans and invite them to church. They talk to the immigrants about Jesus and offer them Bibles and other Christian materials. Both methods of evangelism have resulted in North African immigrants receiving God’s love in their lives.

Film: Missionaries are also working on short films to connect Jesus to the Arabic-speaking population. Although the audience for this ministry is very specific, the videos are communicating God’s love and grace to these special people.

Women’s Ministries: Female missionaries regularly meet with North African women to try to correct any misconceptions they have about God, Christianity, or the value of women from God’s perspective. During special events, the women interact while sharing a meal and doing crafts. The crafts often have Bible verses on them that the women can take home as a reminder of what they discussed. After the events, many women ask for a Bible or a Jesus movie to take home, and some share about the struggles in their lives and ask for prayer. These fellowship times create open doors to build relationships and invite the women to church.

Make an impact on your knees!PRAY: Pray for open hearts as the missionaries reach out to North African immigrants in Spain. Pray that they will be received well and that deep relationships will be formed.

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