Immanuel Bible Training College in Japan

Immanuel Bible Training College in Yokohama, Japan, was founded by Dr. David Tsutada in 1949. The college trains young men and women for full-time ministry as pastors and missionaries with Immanuel General Mission. IGM is an indigenous Japanese denomination that was also founded by Dr. Tsutada.

Each year, Immanuel ministers to approximately 20 students. Students at Immanuel must have a definite call to ministry before being accepted for training and education. Most students come from the Immanuel General Mission denomination, but students from other denominations have also prepared for ministry at the school.

While at Immanuel, students take Bible and other ministry-related courses. The school operates on a four-year curriculum with all or a portion of a student’s fourth year devoted to practical training. Students are assigned to two different churches where they help in the ministry of the church and learn the practical side of being a pastor. Upon graduation, students receive a diploma and are then appointed to pastor a church, pioneer a new church, or serve on a mission field outside of Japan, making them an integral part of the growth of Immanuel General Mission.

“The goal of the college is to train students to live a holy life and to prepare them for ministry either as a pastor or a missionary,” explained WGM missionary Kevin Zirkle, who teaches at the college.

Almost all the professors at Immanuel are pastors, and some travel 300 miles to spend a week teaching at the school. Professors who live close by teach on a once-a-week basis, and WGM missionaries also teach various courses.

Make a difference on your knees!PRAY: Pray for more students to answer God’s call to minister to those who need Him. Fewer Japanese are entering the ministry, which is reflected in smaller enrollment numbers at Immanuel. The school’s facilities will easily handle twice the number of students who are presently enrolled.

Pray that those studying will be prepared well for their future ministry.

Pray that the pastors who teach at the school will be good examples to the students.