HOPE Pregnancy Center, Philadelphia

Urban Philadelphia, listed among the ten most populous cities in the United States, knows one of the highest poverty rates in the country. The reach of poverty runs deep, creating minorities that are at-risk on various levels because of socio-economic disadvantage. Unemployment fuels many social ills, including incredibly high rates of abortion.

One-third of Pennsylvania’s abortion clinics are located in Philadelphia and target the more disenfranchised and vulnerable African American demographic. The results are staggering. According to Elaine Russo, director of HOPE Pregnancy Center, “In Philadelphia, one out of two African American pregnancies is terminated. [A total of] 357 lives are lost to abortion every week, or 51 lives every day. [Also,] 41.8 percent of abortions are performed on African Americans even though they constitute only 10.8 percent of the state's population.”

HOPE Pregnancy Center works to bring light to this dark pocket of Pennsylvania. Rev. Dr. Herb Lusk II, founder of People for People, Inc., created HOPE in 2009 to combat this abortion epidemic in North Philadelphia. He often states, “If you’re not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.” The center’s mission is saving the lives of the unborn in Philadelphia and ministering with compassion to their families. WGM missionary Dr. Michael Johnson is HOPE’s medical director under whose direction the center offers ultrasounds and provides pregnancy viability assessment. Guided by a group of compassionate counselors, women are able to hear their baby’s heartbeat and are given the truth about their pregnancies and options they have beyond abortion.

Lives are being saved through HOPE Pregnancy Center. In 2015, 43 babies whose mothers originally had chosen abortion were given life. Not only are unborn babies being saved, but their mothers and families are being brought the life-giving truth of Christ’s love and the gospel. It is a ministry of restoration as much as it is a medical outreach.

Right now, HOPE is expanding its ministry as it’s in the early stages of partnering with a pregnancy center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The goal is to broaden HOPE’s reach and gain a larger facility for counseling and medical missions. 

There are many ways to be involved in this ministry. Prayer, financial support, and volunteering are just a few possibilities. Elaine urges, “If God is impressing upon you to help with HOPE’s ministry, we can certainly use you for this kingdom work!”

PrayPRAY: Pray for HOPE Pregnancy Center as it reaches the needy community of Philadelphia. Pray for its ministry to expand and for God to bring more women to its doors to be able to hear the truth about their pregnancies and God’s love.

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