Choluteca School of Nursing in Honduras

Opening in February 2017, the Choluteca School of Nursing—a technical high school offering certification in nursing—is the first of its kind in Honduras. The school has been a dream of missionaries Larry and Angie Overholt for many years. They first arrived in Choluteca in 2000 to work with a new church plant. Since then, the work of the church and their team has grown to include community health promoters, a vocational school, and other educational outreaches. Now, WGM has the privilege of being a part of this innovative pilot nursing high school.

Education Is Key

Education is key to community transformation. Across Honduras, there is a new emphasis on technical education during high school. Over their years in Choluteca, Larry and Angie have seen the desperate need for trained, certified nurses. Thanks to Angie’s nursing background and their network of relationships, they were able to work directly with the Honduras Minister of Education in getting the school approved and with the subsequent curriculum committee.

Academics Taught through Christian Worldview

The academically rigorous program will be taught from a Christian worldview. The school will have extended hours in order to include all the classes required. As of November 2016, over 100 prospective students had applied for the school, which will have approximately 30 to 60 open slots in the first year.

Partner with Choluteca School of Nursing

Do you want to be a part of transforming Honduras through this one-of-a-kind program? Your gifts to the Choluteca School of Nursing will enable students to be certified in nursing, setting them up to serve their communities through medicine. Choose the project or projects below that God is placing on your heart to get involved with.

Give securely online using the links below, or send in your donation with #25643 written on the memo line of the check to:

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PROJECT: Remodel the Clinic

The property that has served as the missionary residence and clinic in Choluteca is being remodeled for the nursing school’s use. Nearly all of the remodeling will be beneficial for the long-term future, creating a space that can have multiple purposes. The main house will be used for the main classroom, library, and skills lab. The former clinic has been adapted for use as an office for the school director and the instructors. A modern computer room already exists that will be adequate for 30 students. The majority of the $10,000 needed for remodeling will be spent on creating the science lab, an absolute necessity for the nursing school.

Total cost: $10,000

Help Remodel the Clinic

PROJECT: Equip the Classrooms

Classroom equipment is needed to facilitate teaching and learning.

  • Projector with battery backup and screen: $1,000

  • 10 classroom tables: $650 or $65 per table

  • 34 classroom chairs: $600 or $18 per chair

  • File cabinets: $450

  • Whiteboards: $250

  • 15 additional computers: $15,000 or $1,000 per computer

Help Equip the Classrooms

PROJECT: Equip the Labs (science and nursing)

  • Science lab equipment: $3,000

  • Nursing skills lab (first year): $3,000

Help Equip the Labs

PROJECT: Fill the Library

The school can’t wait to fill its bookshelves! Want to help them grow the library? Check out the school’s wish list that includes some of the books needed, including digital books.

  • Library shelves: $500

  • Library Books: $5,000

Help Fill the Library

PROJECT: Keep the School Running (operational costs)

The school’s operational costs will be $65,000 for the first year. The Overholts anticipate having 30 to 60 students. The first year will be the most expensive per student, and the student cost should become more efficient in future years as more students are added.

The cost will be approximately $200 per month, per student. Students will be asked to pay half that amount ($100 per student, per month). Many students will never be able to pay that amount, so the school is looking for donors who will help sponsor the students.

  • Support a student for a month: $200

  • Support a student for a year: $2,400

  • Support a student for any amount!

Keep the School Running

PROJECT: Purchase the Property

In order to expand the nursing school through 11th grade, it is essential that the school build extra classrooms for next year. The nursing school will share the property with Shalom Church, a local church that has prayed for several years that the property would become available for sale and that has committed a monthly faith promise. The property also has a milk processing business located on it that will continue to operate on the property short term. Join the staff in praying that God will give them wisdom as they consider how to take advantage of the opportunity and create an agriculture extension learning experience in working with the farmers who are members of the milk co-op.

Total cost: $257,400

Help Purchase the Property