Generación 4/14: Teaching Children a Biblical Worldview in Honduras

October 5, 2017

What’s the biblical perspective of the arts? What’s God’s desire for how we govern ourselves as nations? Most of us live very compartmentalized lives, where our spiritual activities may not filter over into other aspects of our daily lives. God’s narrative is not always very visible to us. 

Teaching a Biblical Worldview

Several years ago, a few missionaries and national church leaders in Honduras began to talk about how they could help kids understand how all aspects of life can reflect God. With over a third of the population being under the age of 15, the need to invest in this age group is immense. After some exploration, they joined the global 4/14 Window Movement (referring to the target age group of children ages 4 to 14). In Honduras, it is known as Generación 4/14.  

In the last year, local churches have held youth camps, teaching children and youth a biblical worldview and cementing in their minds the tremendous value they hold in God's eyes. The curriculum is beginning to be designed around how God wants us to develop stewardship in seven areas of life—finances, communication, education, government, the arts, science and math, and our spiritual lives. 

“Generación 4/14 has taken off in ways we never imagined,” shared David Hawk, WGM’s field director in Honduras. “God gives specific instructions on how to build a great nation by focusing on these seven areas.”

After initially training a group of teachers, the movement has continued with the national church training other teachers. Age-appropriate curriculum has been created by Honduran teachers. 


At one recent camp, a young girl attended who comes from a non-Christian home. Throughout the whole camp, she was very negative and difficult to work with. However, on the last day, she saw another child crying during an activity. Instantly, this young girl stood up and said, "We need to pray for her!" She called everyone up to pray for her classmate. It was a joy for the staff to see that she had begun to understand the message of living your whole life for God.    

As they begin to see God’s plan clearer, it is common on the last days of camp for small children to pray for their parents, their government, and their futures.

Partner with Generación 4/14

GiveGIVE: Although the costs are low for children to attend camp, many families can’t afford the fees. Through your sponsorship, a child will have the opportunity to explore God’s plan for his/her life and understand His plan for the entire world. Please donate online or send in your gift to WGM with #22498 on the memo line of the check. 

PrayPRAY: Pray that every church in Honduras will understand the importance children have in God's Kingdom, today and in the future.