Honduran Holiness Church

World Gospel Mission churches in Honduras were officially incorporated as Honduran Holiness Church (Iglesia Evangélica de Santidad en Honduras) in 1954 under a mutual agreement between WGM’s mission station in Honduras and the national church. Based on the agreement, WGM and the national church work in partnership with the ultimate goal of Honduran Holiness Church becoming self-governing.

As of 2004, Honduran Holiness Church was comprised of approximately 200 churches with a combined membership of roughly 25,000 people located throughout the country. While the focus of the church throughout the years has been church planting and evangelism, other vital ministries include education (grade school, high school, and theological training), social outreach (community development and micro industries), medical assistance, and outreach to street children.

Members of Honduran Holiness Church help meet the social and educational needs of the people of Honduras while sharing with them the love of Christ. They also work in ministry leadership roles that were previously filled by missionaries. National believers are planning future ministries that include a university and missionary outreach to other countries through the Latin American Holiness Missionary Agency (AMSLA). The church has well-trained, quality young leaders who want to have a part in the future of Honduran Holiness Church.

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