Heritage International School in Uganda

Approximately 400 students gather each day at Heritage International School in Kampala, Uganda. There they receive education not only in subjects such as language, science, reading, and math, but also in the Bible and the essential truths of the gospel. When these students of more than 25 nations return home, Heritage hopes they will see themselves as missionaries to their cultures.

Heritage was founded in 1994 through a partnership of five missions organizations whose goal was to provide all students, regardless of their religious, social, or economic backgrounds, with a Christ-centered, high-quality education that prepares them for a life of faith and service. Its name comes from Psalm 127:3, which says that “children are a heritage from the Lord.” Heritage’s mascot is a lion, which places Jesus, the Lion of Judah, at the focus of the school’s work.

The school serves children from preschool through 12th grade, providing them a college-preparatory curriculum grounded in God’s Word. Younger students receive primary instruction in subjects such as handwriting, reading, spelling, math, geography, history, science, and language. As students advance, they have more opportunities to choose electives and move between different classrooms in middle school and high school. Heritage also offers online classes that allow students to earn college credit and take courses the school doesn’t offer on campus.

All students attend one of four age-appropriate chapel services each week. Students can also share prayer requests and study the Bible within their classrooms, integrating academic and spiritual growth. Heritage emphasizes Christ’s teaching on love and respect for all students, teachers, and parents, making the school an inspiring and encouraging community for all.

Students also have the opportunity for enrichment through art, music, athletic, and Bible programs that meet after school. All are focused on developing students as whole people—physically, academically, socially, and above all, spiritually, laying the foundation for each student to experience a real and growing relationship with Jesus.

God’s work through Heritage is evident in the lives of its students. One boy, who was only in middle school, sought Heritage’s chaplain for prayer and discipleship one school year. He grew in his faith throughout the year, and eventually he stood before the entire school at its Easter chapel and declared he wanted to be serious in his relationship with Jesus. The next year he became a powerful testimony to the students around him of the changing power of Jesus Christ. Although he transferred to a different school at the end of that year, the boy stood before the chapel on his last day and thanked the Heritage community for being a part of his faith journey.

WGM missionaries serve in various capacities within the school, and Heritage’s teachers hail from seven different countries, making the school truly international. God continues to open doors for Heritage’s staff to disciple students from a wide variety of cultures and faiths. The impact Heritage has on students can be felt as God uses its students to serve Him around the world.

Donate school supplies to Heritage!GIVE: School supplies are difficult to find in Uganda and expensive when they are found. Visit www.wgm.org/mayo and click the email graphic to contact Jonathan and Lisa Mayo about needed supplies.

Make a difference on your knees!PRAY: High teacher turnover at Heritage can be hard for students to accept and challenging for the administration. Pray for qualified teachers who will make a long-term commitment to work at the school.

Heritage continues to grow, so providing quality facilities is an on-going challenge. Pray for wisdom for Heritage’s board and administration as they guide the school and consider how big it should grow.

The opportunity for students to grow in their relationship with Jesus is significant. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to have the freedom to work in all hearts present at Heritage.

Do you want to go to Uganda?GO: Is God calling you to teach at Heritage? The school is always looking for passionate, qualified teachers and aids who are willing to make a long-term commitment to the Heritage community. Contact recruiting@wgm.org or visit www.wgm.org/go for more information.

Short-term teams can also come to assist with summer camps, small work projects, and youth ministry programs. Contact teams@wgm.org to join or schedule a WGM ministry team today!

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