Battery Club in Haiti

Electricity in Haiti is limited and is even non-existent in some areas. The capital city of Port-au-Prince is fortunate to get eight to 10 hours of electricity a day. As we all know, the need for batteries when the electricity goes out is crucial. Just think about how frustrating it is to run to the closet to get a flashlight only to find out the batteries are dead. The need for good battery backups is especially vital for Radio Lumière, which broadcasts Christian radio throughout Haiti 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The evangelistic messages shared through Radio Lumière have helped increase the Christian population of Haiti from 1 percent in 1970 to more than 40 percent today. In the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010, Radio Lumière continued to broadcast the light of Christ. The station was able to do this only through God’s grace and the supply of batteries donated through the Battery Club.

Through the Battery Club, Radio Lumière charges 6 VDC batteries (think golf cart batteries) and uses an inverter to convert the power to 120 AC when the city power goes off. Unfortunately, equipment ages fast in Haiti’s tropical climate, so the station is constantly needing to replace the batteries. The average lifespan of a 6 VDC battery in Haiti is two to three years.

The cost of one battery is $150. This includes repairs to the cables and to the charger. If you break that cost down over a year, it equals only 41 cents a day, less than one coffee at your local gas station. The Battery Club needs 200 people or groups to donate $150 per year to help Radio Lumière replace the batteries when needed. Are they waiting for you?

Partner with the Battery Club!GIVE: Click Give to partner with the Battery Club today! You can also set up a coin jar in your bedroom or at the office and drop in at least 41 cents a day to help buy a battery for Radio Lumière. Turn your pocket change into changed lives in Haiti.

Join the Battery Club today!ACT: E-mail Men With Vision at to join the Battery Club or to renew your membership.

Make a difference on your knees!PRAY: Every time you switch on a light, turn on the radio, or drop change in your coin jar, lift up the staff and programming at Radio Lumière. May it continue to be a beacon of hope as the people of Haiti rebuild their lives physically and spiritually.

Do you want to go to Haiti?GO: Radio Lumière needs qualified individuals to help with the ministry in Haiti. Short-term volunteers and full-time missionaries; radio and TV engineers and programmers; and mechanics, maintenance personnel, and builders are all needed. Click the Go graphic for a list of available ministry opportunities.

Learn more about Radio Lumiere!MORE: Visit to learn more about the network and how it’s spreading the light of Jesus throughout Haiti.