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For over 60 years, boys like Delio have found hope for the future at El Sembrador.

El Sembrador: From Vision to Established Ministry
Escuela El Sembrador (School of the Sower) began as a vision given to a young farmer and his wife from Ohio in 1946. God has worked through El Sembrador to transform over 7,000 lives through education and discipleship. Discover More >

Pan de Vida Church is transforming families in León, Mexico.

Starting Small: Pan de Vida Church in Léon, Mexico
The church started out as a small home group and then shrunk to one single family. Today, Pan de Vida is a thriving congregation that continues to grow, transforming lives in central Mexico. Discover More >

Caregivers love every child.

Seeds: Helping Babies Grow at the AGC Baby Centre
Can a seed-sized act of love make a difference? In this story from Kenya, kids will see how doing something small, like holding a baby, can make a big difference! Special activities will encourage kids to Go, Grow, and Change. Discover More >