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Simple activities encourage young students in learning English.

English Classes in Japan Build Faith through Fun
The goal is simple: make English fun to learn and help students and their parents feel comfortable at church. It started slowly, but today, five churches are using this unique tool to reach out to their neighborhoods. Discover More >

Marcos and missionary Bob Margaron shared a special moment at Marcos' high school graduation. He was the first high school graduate in his family.

The Center Changes Lives in Stockton
Kids growing up in south Stockton, California, are often raised in dysfunctional, generational gang families and are repeatedly told: the gang is your family, and no one else cares about you. Marcos chose a different path. Discover More >

Bible college students will use these audio Bibles to share the gospel in remote areas of PNG.

Audio Bibles Build Disciples in Papua New Guinea
In a culture where oral learning is preferred, this project is communicating the Word of God—distributed through solar-powered audio devices—in a way that connects with the hearts of the PNG people. Discover More >